Choquechampi Reservoir Project – Bolivia

Water Charity is participating in a reservoir project underway in Choquechampi, Bolivia. The project is being carried out by Mano a Mano International Partners, through its counterpart subsidiary organization Mano a Mano – Nuevo Mundo.

Bolivia has been badly affected by climate change. Many areas have been dependent for drinking water and agriculture on runoff from the melting icepacks in the mountains. The warming climate has resulted in a large decrease in the available water.

The construction of reservoirs has proven to be an effective way to provide life-saving water to needy communities. Water is saved during the rainy season and used as needed for drinking, household use, and irrigation of crops. The use of reservoirs has been shown to double or triple crop yield, in communities that are presently barely surviving.

Nuevo Mundo organizes community residents to participate in all aspects of the reservoir project. Local farmers provide hundreds of hours of volunteer labor, and contribute a percentage of the project cost, as well as locally available materials. There is also financial participation by the municipalities.

If you wish to donate money specifically designated for the Choquechampi, Bolivia, reservoir project, please click the Donate button below. 100% of your donation will go directly toward the completion of the project.