Schools Improvement Project – Mali


Community Description
There is a need for latrines at the high school and middle schools of this community. Currently, students defecate in nearby bushes and teachers leave the school grounds to use their home latrines.

The community has undertaken a 5-year effort to improve the school facilities. Almost all funds for this phase have been raised from a number of sources, but the required level has not been reached.

The directors of the schools met with the PCV E. Beil, and teachers from the committees, to develop a comprehensive plan, of which this project is a part.

Project Description
This project addresses several water and sanitation projects at the high school and middle schools. First, latrines will be built.

Secondly, the well at the private high school that provides water to three schools will be improved. A secure cover, door, and lock will be provided. A treatment plan will be developed, and the surrounding area will be cleaned.

Project Impact
As a result of the construction of the latrines, the level of sanitation at and around the schools will be vastly improved, and disease will be reduced. Additionally, teachers will able to remain at the school the entire day.

The improvements to the well will improve the safety of the water supply and provide for necessary security.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
E. Beil

This project forwards the notion put forth by Appropriate Projects that there are crucial projects that need to be done NOW.

Through the efforts of community groups and an assortment of donors, practically all of the funds had been raised. However, the project could not be kicked off without the “final dollars”, contributed by Appropriate Projects.

Dollar Amount of Project

Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed
$0 – This project has been fully funded! Please choose another of our worthy projects.

This project has been completed.