Pempe Rainwater Catchment Project – Suriname

Pempe Rainwater Catchment Project – SurinameThis project is to install 43 rainwater catchment systems to provide clean drinking water for the residents of the village of Pempe.

The project is being implemented under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Erica D’Aquila. She is living on the Upper Suriname River located in the district Sipaliwini, in the Saramaccan village Pempe (also known as Pingpe/Pen Pen).

Pempe has approximately 140 inhabitants, who all live off the land. Everything from their cooking oil, rice, vegetables, and housing materials comes directly from Pempe’s surroundings.

Recent tests of Pempe’s drinking water (a local creek) have shown the water to be infested by various strains of E-coli and other hazardous bacteria. The effects of these contaminants is displayed by the fact that community members often suffer from waterborne illnesses, leaving adults unable to travel to their farms to harvest food and children vulnerable to the dangerous side effects of malnutrition.

The objective of this project is to bring clean drinking water to the men, women, and children of Pempe in a way that is sustainable by the community and available year round. The project centers around the acquisition of DuroTanks, which are large, round, covered tanks for the storage of 400 gallons of rainwater. These tanks are popular in the region, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and sustainable, lasting up to 25 years.

Pempe Rainwater Catchment Project – Suriname

The community has committed to contribute a cash amount for each DuroTank, and provide all labor necessary. Labor includes transporting supplies to the village from Paramaribo, manually pulling sand from the bottom of the riverbed, making of cement stones, and setting up the gutters, stands, and netting.

Community members will participate in a three-week training regarding DuroTank installation, maintenance, and water conservation classes. This training will result in community members being able to provide maintenance on the DuroTanks and ensuring their longevity.

The Water Charity involvement in this project has been funded, through the generosity of the SLOW LIFE Foundation as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.