Conclusion of Goundaga Latrine Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Allyson Junker. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build 10 to 15 cement-lined and covered latrines in the community of Goundaga.

Allyson reports:

I am happy to say that the Goundaga latrine project is complete! My community constructed ten covered latrines.

We used the project funds to buy materials: cement, rebar, PVC pipe, screen, and iron wire to cover and reinforce the latrines. With the 5,000 CFA left over, my counterpart and I bought soap for each household in the village.

The community members dug and built their own latrines with the guidance of local masons in Goundaga.

The village was so inspired by the project that an additional three latrine holes were dug and the neighborhood association, Association Kawral, is meeting to decide how to fund materials to cover these latrines as well.

Neighboring villages have seen the work done in Goundaga and are interested in doing similar projects in their communities. The project has reawakened people’s awareness of the importance of latrines and proper sanitation.

Goundaga sends a heart-felt thank you to Appropriate Projects and to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding for the project!