Conclusion of Chitunda School Pump Project – Malawi

This project has been successfully completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Judy Summers. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to repair the well on the grounds of the school, serving 730 students and community people.

This was the 5th and final project completed by Judy, representing a record of accomplishment for projects funded under the auspices of Water Charity. She is now a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and is back in the U.S.

The materials were delivered to the school and the job was completed by the borehole technician.

With the resumed functionality of the well, the Student Committee for Safe Water club members are now able to follow through with a program to teach safe water practices and sanitation to the younger students.

This is another example of a very simple intervention to solve a critical need.

We are grateful to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding for this successful project.