BioSand Filter Project in Guatemala

BioSand Filter

We went to Guatemala in December to implement the first of a number of Bio-Sand filter projects.

Bio-Sand technology has been proven worldwide over many years. It involves a container to hold several grades of sand, plus a biological layer that forms on the top. Once set up, contaminated water can be poured in, and clean water emerges from the bottom.

BioSand Filter - Honduras

The filters will be placed in individual households. Up to 75 gallons a day of clean water can be made each day, enough for a family of 8 to 10 people. The filter has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, and will last in excess of 10 years.

Traditionally the container has been made of concrete and poured on site. Our installations will use a new plastic container, and precise layers of various grades of sand.

In the pilot phase, we will train workers in the technology, and install 50 to 100 filter systems. We will also begin design and construction of a sand-making facility, plus several warehouses, in order to reduce shipment costs.

If you would like your donation to be used specifically for Bio-Sand projects, please so designate on the donation form. A $40 contribution will provide for clean drinking water for an entire family for the next decade!

This project has been implemented in Guatemala City, at the City Garbage Dump.  To read about the project CLICK HERE.

Water Charity has since opted for more efficient and effective filter technologies such as ceramic and carbon nano-tube.