Welcome to WaterCharity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Water Charity has done approximately 2,000 water, sanitation and public health projects in 65 countries, benefitting nearly 2 million people so far! With our unique and extremely efficient method of operation, and an exemplary, transparent track record of sustainable, effective projects... you will be hard pressed to find any charity, in any field, that can match our accomplishments.  And now, we are happy to announce that Water Charity is an official partner of the National Peace Corps Association!

World Water Crisis

More people die from lack of clean drinking water than from all forms of violence combined... including war!
(United Nations)

Hospital Beds

Fully half of the hospital beds worldwide are occupied by someone suffering from a water-related illness.
(World Health Organization)


Our solution is simple.  We use tried and proven, low-cost, efficient methods to achieve solutions that originate in the community being served.  Our projects are done quickly, and sustainably.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our featured projects, programs and initiatives. Feel free to peruse our entire Featured Projects gallery. ALL of our projects and articles can be found via our Announcements portfolio, and our Search and Find A Project features allow you to look for projects a variety of ways. A complete list of NPCA partner projects can be found HERE. If you see projects you like, donate to them! Or go to our DONATE page and help us start more just like them.


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Water Charity has done a lot of projects...  65 countries and counting!  To help you find a specific project, we have created a specialized search page where you can peruse our projects alphabetically by country & title.  You can also search for projects that still need funding, projects that are currently underway... and more.  CLICK HERE, on the link above, or on our symbol below, and search away.  Below this section is a drop-down menu whereby you can search through all our posts (article, announcement and project) chronologically.  Keep checking back, as we post new stuff regularly.

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You can help Water Charity, spread the word about our work, and look cool at the same time by buying, wearing, and using Water Charity products from our online store. From shirts to shorts to stainless steel water bottles and more, all profits go to help start new projects.  
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Water Charity supports, and has been supported by, these fine organizations:

Water Charity


From our inception in 2008 to 2014, we started with nothing and developed a powerful, unique model to help people around the world.  With our entire focus on doing low cost, high impact projects, we built upon successes, and grew without much fanfare.  We had nearly no overhead, were all-volunteer, and put the actual end product first.  Where other nonprofits have large full time staff, fancy offices, and high salaries, we donated our time, paid our own way, and eschewed photo ops and gala benefits.

We like to call this period Water Charity Phase 1.

Now, we have reached a pivotal stage where we can afford to do even bigger projects, contract out some of our work, employ interns and volunteers, and partner with organizations like the National Peace Corps Association.  All of this means that we are embarking on a period of truly exponential growth.  We are applying for larger grants, doubling down on our most successful models, and even training Peace Corps volunteers in the field.  Our expertise in all areas of water and sanitation, in regions across the globe, allows us to help PCVs, RPCVs and NGOs find and implement the most appropriate and efficient technology to meet the need at hand.  In this way, our beneficiary communities don't have to reinvent the wheel.  

It is an exciting time.  More than ever, your help is greatly appreciated and needed as we ramp up to try and help 5 million people, and increase our ability to do relief projects for disasters, and other types of development and aid work.  Feel free to continue adopting or chipping in on our low cost projects directly from their project pages, but also consider donating unallocated funds so we can start projects immediately out of pocket, and that help with our capacity building growth.  

Thanks for being a part of this.  Even if all you can do is tell a few people about the work we are doing, it makes a difference.

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