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Ndiraweeru Uganda Biosand Filter Training


This project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the Friendly Waters of the World.

Ndiraweru-Banda Sub County, Uganda

Community Description
The target group are already members of a big fraternity, committed to community service and locally initiated projects. Of the 120 members, 68 members are HIV positive and living exemplary lives.

Problem Addressed
The problems include lack of access to clean drinking water, thus increasing incidence of water-borne illnesses.

Project Description
The project will be a 5 day training for 25 of the group members These original members will pass on the knowledge to other group members with assistance from the Friendly Water area office. The group members are the first target beneficiaries for BioSand Filters. All will act as education and marketing agents to bring about change in the entire subdistrict.

Community Organization
Ndiraweeru SMU group is a local initiative group founded as part of a the Korean self help development initiatives in rural Uganda .

Seamaul Undongo -Banda will work hand in hand to ensure that the trained members from the group use the skills and lessons learned to train other members.

Project Impact
The original 25 Group members will be directly impacted; subsequently passing on knowledge to other group members. The group members are the first target beneficiaries for BioSand Filters; they will act as education and marketing agents to bring about change in the entire subdistrict.  On a longterm, there will be more access to clean drinking water, thus resulting in fewer water borne illnesses.

Volunteer Directing Project
Kaweesi John Paschal

Monitoring and Maintenance 
The project manager will directly be responsible to coordinate the group activities , report to the Friendly Water office, which shall send an evaluation officer once a month for the first year. The trained group will be formed into a Rotary Community Corps under the direct supervision of the Rotary Club of Mityana. The club will also offer additional funding for capacity building.  The group already has ongoing Water Sanitation and Hygiene projects, which will all be integrated into one program.  An effort will be undertaken to format a group of community health promoters from the trained group.  These will continuously do sanitation and hygiene talks in village meetings and other gatherings.

Expected Outcomes:

-Environmentally conscious people that will foster environmental hygiene and sustainability

-25 Trained BioSand filter technicians

-Group that can take charge of its local water problems

-At least 120 filters to be built in less than 3 months

-A community with minimized waterborne diseases


-Improved lives of families (more healthier people )

--Regular school attendance due to the reduced incidences of water borne diseases

-An economically more productive population

- People with HIV will have regular access to clean water and will live longer.

-Community Health promoters to be formed from the trained group

Dollar Amount of Project

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Donations of any amount will be appreciated. The full amount will allow you a posted dedication, if that is something that you would like.
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