Water & Health: Covid-19 and handwashing stations – The Gambia

Water & Health: Covid-19 and handwashing stations – The Gambia

Water & Health: Covid-19 and handwashing stations – The Gambia

In rural areas, and in many of the under-resourced informal settlements in The Gambia, the lack of access to water and soap poses a serious challenge in curbing the spread of COVID-19. In response to the danger of community spread, Water Charity is now constructing hand-washing stations at every well it rehabilitates in The Gambia: 55 hand-washing stations so far. Given that schools are beginning to open in The Gambia, we are expeditiously installing new handwashing stations in schools.

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There is great need for water access in rural Gambia, so use the button below to donate to our cause.

Water For Everyone – The Gambia

Water For Everyone – The Gambia

Water For Everyone – The Gambia

The “Water for Everyone” initiative uses GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping as a collaborative umbrella facilitating the division of work between all parties interested in SDG 6’s provision of clean water for all. In the case of Water Charity’s Water for Everyone Initiative, provision of clean water to all the 15 million people who live in The Gambia, Togo, and Liberia—for starters. The most recent initiative undertaken by our Gambia Water Charity team included providing COVID-19 combatting hand-washing stations and soap at every well Water Charity rehabilitates in The Gambia.

third panel water coordination

Water for Everyone is a campaign to provide water for everyone in a border-to-border strategy using Geographic Information System (GIS) map-based collaboration.

The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa and one of the poorest in the world. Lack of infrastructure, particularly the lack of efficient water management systems, is largely responsible for the low productivity of smallholder farms and therefore for The Gambia’s widespread rural poverty.

second panel farming

When asked how he started the herculean task of penning the Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkein reportedly said, “I wisely started with a map.”

Check out our Geographic Information System (GIS) Storymap below.

From each of The Gambia’s five regions, we recruited and trained surveyors. For several months, our surveyors rode motorbikes to visit and diagnose every public well on the GPS-enabled smart tablets in 2,059 communities, water services for a total of 2,008,019 people


Can you imagine not having water during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With no formal system to provide rural water, let alone maintain the water systems, over 60 percent of The Gambia’s rural wells are broken. And, after taking our survey, we know what communities need intervention the most.

At every well we rehabilitate, we are installing hand-washing stations with soap to combat the transmission of the Coronavirus. Help Gambians protect themselves from the Cornoavirus by helping to provide water.

Hand-washing station

Because, as Kofi Annan said, “Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right.

Sustainable Development Goal 6.1: Safe and affordable drinking water
United Nations definition: “By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

Fixing Broken Wells In the Most Water Challenged Communities

Uneven distribution of fresh sources and constraints in water resources development and management make water access difficult for many segments of the Gambian population, especially those in the rural areas who often rely on unsafe water sources. In our GIS Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) mapping survey, we found more than 60 percent of The Gambia’s rural waterpoints were in disrepair. So far, we have completed 72 separate water rehabilitation projects, including 32 in the Fulabantang Ward, where our Sustainability and Development Plan & Pilot Project is based.

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Check Out Our GIS Storymap:

There is a great need for water access in rural The Gambia, so please donate to our cause today.

Gavilan Water Project – Mexico

Gavilan Water Project – Mexico

Gavilan Water Project – Mexico

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.

Gavilan, Chiapas, Mexico

Community Description
There are 38 families, with 216 inhabitants, living on the slopes that drop inland from the two-lane highway on the Continental Divide above. Gavilan is one of the remaining villages where elders still speak their original Mam language. They have been trying to revive their language so that youth will take an interest in their Maya roots. However, it is a poor community that offers little opportunity for young people. Many of them have opted to go to the United States to work to bring back money that would allow them to build a house for their young families.

The homes are typical of the region, is made of adobe with corrugated metal roofs with dirt floors. The people in Gavilan make a living off their land. They produce subsistence crops, mainly corn and beans, raise a few chickens, and sell squash on the edge of the highway at the end of the season. There is no coffee or other cash crop produced to afford them an income. Men try to find work as builders when possible. At least four households are headed by women whose husbands are working as undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

Problem Addressed
It has been well over 30 years since the government built a well-designed water system that has served the Gavilan community all these years. It withstood two major hurricanes and strong earthquakes. However, many sections of the galvanized steel pipe have corroded beyond repair, leaving the community to try to patch leaks as best they can with strips of tire inner tube or plastic bags. Whole sections leak with no way to stop the loss of vital water.

Now, in the summer of 2018, the Sierra Madre region is experiencing record heat and a drought that has everyone who must rely on the seasonal rains worried over how they will manage to raise the corn that they depend on to feed their families. By late July, the dry spell has lasted 5 weeks when normally raging thunderstorms should be replenishing the aquifer for the coming year. Throughout the region, the corn is drying up along with the hope for a good crop to provide the tortillas that are the mainstay of the diet of thousands of families in the high country.

Massive deforestation of the watershed took place several decades ago. As a result, there has seen a substantial drop in the amount of water flowing from springs and creeks. The people of Gavilan are worried that the water source they have relied on for all these years is flowing low due to the drought. This has never happened before in the middle of the rainy season.

Fortunately, thirty meters to the south of the existing water system there is a creek that has continued to flow despite the lack of rain. Next to that is another seep that can be diverted to feed into the upgraded system. The community has the rights to use that water.

Project Description
This project is to restore full water service to Gavilan by replacing damaged piping and building a catchment dam.

In order to ensure an adequate amount of water for the needs of the population, they intend to install 30 meters of new 3-inch galvanized steel pipe to the creek nearby in order to connect it to the mainline that flows into the existing tank from which it will be distributed to the homes.

A catchment dam will be built at the second source to collect the water. There is a third creek that they can divert to feed into the catchment dam. This will mean that two additional small, creeks will feed the system. They have verified that these two creeks flow all year long.

The men in the village are confident that they can do the work themselves to upgrade their water system. The people are delighted at the possibility that after years of unsuccessfully petitioning the municipality, there is hope that they can finally end the daily difficulties of not having enough water.

This project will provide water for domestic use to 38 households and supply water to the elementary school where children from Gavilan and surrounding communities receive an education.

Project Impact
216 people will benefit from the project.

Project Administration
The project will be administered by Tamara Brennan, Ph.D. of The Sexto Sol Center for Community Action, an award-winning non-profit that has had a permanent presence in the region since 1997, bringing water into the homes of over 8,000 people in the region.

Work will proceed in coordination with the Gavilan Water Association.

This project is the 18th water system project in the ongoing Sierra Madre Water Program, a comprehensive effort to improve water access in the underserved and impoverished Sierra Madre de Chiapas region of Mexico, spanning the border with Guatemala.

Fundraising Target

Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed
$0 – This project has been funded through the generosity of Michael and Carla Boyle, of Nelsonville, Ohio.

Additional donations using the button below will go to future projects in Mexico.




Margibi Well Repair Program – Liberia

Margibi Well Repair Program – Liberia

Margibi Well Repair Program – Liberia

Water Charity has continued its Water For Everyone Initiative efforts in Liberia with this Margibi Well Repair Program.

Our Water for Everyone Initiative was created to provide basic access to safe water to every person in 3 West African countries, Liberia, Togo, and The Gambia, by the end of 2023.

 This is our 5th region adopted in partnership with The Last Well and is a major push towards finishing the entire border to border initiative.

Water Charity has the vision to supply clean water and share the gospel with every man, woman, and child in Liberia and dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. WC has collected funds to support water projects in the Mambah Kaba District of Margibi County, Liberia.

WC has provided funds to support water projects in Mambah Kaba District in an amount of $162,108. Also, WC had received the grant from The Last Well (TLW) for water projects in Margibi county.

The manner of project implementation using objective assessment criteria for purpose of measuring access to clean water that results in an average of 600 beneficiaries per project and offers a clean water source that is no more than a 15-minute walk for the average beneficiaries.

TLW and WC commit to working together collaboratively and amicably for the benefit of the Mambah Kaba District.

Please join us now and donate for the well being of Margibi people.




Conclusion of Well Handpump Repair and Workshop Program – Uganda

Conclusion of Well Handpump Repair and Workshop Program – Uganda

Conclusion of Well Handpump Repair and Workshop Program – Uganda

This project has been completed under the partnership of Water Charity, the National Peace Corps Association, Wine To Water, and Connect Africa, and involved the participation of Peace Corps Volunteer Katherine Marshall.  It is a part of our ongoing East Africa Water & Sanitation Program.
To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Project Highlights:

  •  Reached 3,642 Ugandans with access to clean water
  • Successfully repaired 10 well hand pumps
  • Held 10-day workshop training, 13 technicians, on handpump repair
  • Held 2-day workshop training, 48 water committee members, on borehole maintenance
  • 4 additional well hand pumps were repaired with local Uganda Water Project Funds helping an additional 1,200+ people access clean water

Project Summary:

In May of 2015, Water Charity funded a well hand pump repair workshop in Wakiso District of Uganda.  This unique project aimed to train/retrain hand pump technicians, educate water committee members, and repair 10 broken handpumps/wells.  Robert Acaye, hand pump repair program manager for Connect Africa, conducted site assessments with District representatives and led the workshop.  There were 13 total participants from Connect Africa, Uganda Water Project, Drink Local Drink Tap, EMI, and the Peace Corps.

The first three days were devoted to hand pump repair classroom training, held at the Connect Africa “HUB” in

Migadde, Wakiso District.  Lessons included hand pump parts/functions, proper tools/procedures, troubleshooting, and well maintenance.  The teachings were fun and interactive, with meals provided for the participants.  There was a mixture of new and returning participants, all receiving certifications on the third day.

The next two days were perhaps the most important, addressing the “software”.  They focused on Borehole Management, covering topics such as community ownership, source protection, and managing finances.  This included each borehole’s own water committee, usually consisting of four members each.  The first session was held at the HUB, with members from Gombe and Centema sub-counties. The second session was held at Masulita sub-county headquarters, with member from that area.  All water committee members made their own by-laws and set household water user fees, usually about $0.30 (1,000 UGX) per month.  A total of 48 committee members attended; each receiving lunch and a small transportation reimbursement.

The remaining five days were all spent in the field, repairing the hand pumps and promoting proper hygiene.  The participants were very eager to get real experience to develop skills that complement their new knowledge.  The group of 14 was divided into two, each with a separate task that rotated back each day.  While one group repaired the handpump, the other group taught community members on disease transmission, washing hands, and clean water storage.  All of this activity created quite a buzz, with decent sized crowds watching the technicians work, listening to the hygiene promotion, and preforming tasks needed for the well (like slashing grass, picking up trash, and fence building). 

The most common mechanical problems were worn out cylinders (rubbers and foot valve), pipes, and rods.  Other problems included broken handles, chains, pump heads, and concrete pad repair.  A wide variety of repair techniques were practiced during the workshop.

The whole workshop ended with successfully repairing 14 handpumps and equipping their water committees with the knowledge to maintain them.  The government funds which enabled the addition of 4 “extra wells” was a welcome matching/ community contribution.  As a result, an estimated 4,842 Ugandans now have access to clean water thanks to Water Charity, Connect Africa, and this program!  Also, 13 hand pump repair technicians have built both hardware and software skills to make a huge difference. 

Peace Corp Volunteer, Katherine Marshall, stated how impressed she was at the workshop and how it has given her new community training skills to use in the future.

Well Details:

Well #

Community Name


Sub County

People Served

Static/Well Depth

GPS Location






20/40 feet

N 0°30’44.66″

E 32°21’13.33″






10/30 feet

N 0°21’56.02″

E 32°24’13.78″






20/70 feet

N 0°31’04.17″

E 32°21’26.05″






15/40 feet

N 0°27’59.31″

E 32°19’56.55″






10/35 feet

N 0°29’59.25″

E 32°39’22.34″


Bubale Central




85/240 feet

N 0°28’53.63″

E 32°28’07.89″






25/65 feet

N 0°32’37.19″

E 32°29’59.85″


Kigogwa S/School



500 students

50/75 feet

N 0°30’28.70″

E 32°31’22.10″






10/25 feet

N 0°30’44.66″

E 32°21’13.33″


City Land College



600 students

40/70 feet

N 0°29’09.21″

E 32°30’40.25″


Way forward:

Routine follow-ups will be done to keep community relations and ensure the well is maintained (92% previous results).  This will be much easier because the all the communities are within Wakiso District, where the HUB is located.

We would like to thank everyone involved for executing such a fine project, and we would also like to thank Kyle Lomax and David Cuthbert of Wine To Water for another successful partnership and their quality field reporting on this. We again express our gratitude to the donor who provided the funding for the project.

This was an extraordinary project for Water Charity, not only because of the tremendous results, but also because it pioneered a new model in our relationship with the Peace Corps.  A serving Peace Corps Volunteer was able to participate in an important extended learning and work experience.  The knowledge gained is being transmitted to her fellow Volunteers, staff, and the NGO where she works, thereby multiplying the benefits.



Water Charity WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia

Water Charity WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia

Water Charity WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the Water Charity WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia.

In partnership with WHOLE WORLD Water, the program will be carried out by Water Charity, in coordination with the United States Peace Corps, to provide running water for people in rural areas of Cambodia. Cambodia is a country where we have done a lot of great work over the years… over 60 projects as of this writing. You can see the variety of effective efforts we have undertaken in Cambodia by Clicking HERE.

Kids benefittingThe program is a concentrated effort to build new water projects in areas of great need. In its initial phase, 6 new projects will be implemented in various locations in Cambodia, and will directly benefit about 1,800 people. (UPDATE: Water Charity wound up doing 7 projects in this program) The program will focus on all aspects of supplying drinking water, with the allied objective of also providing water for sanitation, hygiene, and agriculture. Benefits will be sought in reducing morbidity and mortality, improving quality of life, improving food security, and providing economic benefits for direct participants and the community at large.

Typical projects will be wells, pumps, rainwater catchment systems, aqueducts, water storage systems, and irrigation systems. Each project will utilize the appropriate technology to achieve the maximum reduction in illness and death caused by lack of water and/or the consumption of contaminated water. The design of each project will incorporate measures to maintain the improvements after completion.

All of the projects will be implemented under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) living and working in the locations where the projects are implemented, with the assistance of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who bring a wealth of background and experience to bear. The overall program is being implemented under the direction of Stewart Mills and Christin Spoolstra, with the technical assistance of Bruce Kelsey.

Stewart, an RPCV who served in Cambodia from 2011 to 2013, will spearhead the program.

Christin is a PCV currently serving her third year in Cambodia. She will coordinate the work of PCVs who are developing and implementing projects. She previously completed the Kandieng Reay Health Center Bathroom Project – Cambodia and the Hun Sen Prosaut High School Water Project – Cambodia.

Bruce is an RPCV who served in Cambodia from 2011 to 2013. During his service, he completed 10 projects in partnership with Water Charity!  He developed several new technologies that will be incorporated into the new projects being started under this program. He also was extremely successful in raising funds for Water Charity projects, and will continue to assist us in soliciting outside funds to augment the work started by WWW under this program.

The program has begun, with the following projects already underway:

The list will be updated as new projects are started, and reports will be published as individual projects are completed.
happy students   

You may donate to this program by clicking on the DONATE button below. All contributions will be used to continue to implement similar projects in Cambodia.

Whole World Water 
Whole World Water (WWW) is a program whereby participating members in the hospitality industry worldwide work to eliminate the environmental problems caused by bottled water by filtering and bottling drinking water on site and selling the water to their patrons.

Funds from the sale of WHOLE WORLD Water from hotel, resort, spa and restaurant members are contributed to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund, a registered UK charity. 100% of these funds are invested in approved clean and safe water projects around the world.

Water Charity 
Water Charity is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit that does water and sanitation projects around the world. In the past 6 years, it has implemented 1,600 projects in 60 countries.

Water Charity has helped Peace Corps Volunteers in Cambodia to implement 61 projects to date.

Peace Corps 
The Peace Corps is a United States international service organization that sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world. Peace Corps Volunteers work at the grassroots level toward sustainable change in the communities in which they live and serve.

The Peace Corps program in Cambodia began in 2007, and there are now 300 PCVs who have served. At present, there are 100 PCVs living and working in Cambodia available to implement projects under this program.

Additional Images:
Malawi Borehole Training Program

Malawi Borehole Training Program

Malawi Borehole Training Program

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

Two million people in Malawi don’t have access to safe water. Over 3,000 children die each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

The people of Malawi have an urgent need for local sources of safe water. This can only be met by a plan to develop the required infrastructure.

The construction of boreholes has proven to be the best remedy to provide for the water needs of the people. However, there does not exist sufficient capacity in Malawi to quickly and effectively implement the needed projects over the entire country.

There is a shortage of drilling companies, trained workers, and equipment needed to have a widespread impact.

 This project is to develop and build the capacity of local contractors to proceed with drilling at a swift pace in all areas of Malawi.

Water Charity and Village X created a model to work with local leaders and water committees, assess the local needs, plan specific borehole projects, drill the boreholes and install the necessary hardware and above-ground improvements, evaluate the results and maintain and repair the well and pump.

The model was implemented as the Malawi Borehole Program in early 2015, and since that time 5 new community-led boreholes have been built.

All of the boreholes were drilled in the Upper Shire Highlands of Southern Malawi (see green circle). Village X is tracking and reporting the impacts of the boreholes and providing live picture project updates.

Water Charity and Village X are proceeding with the program by drilling several more boreholes in the Southern Region, under the direction of Village X Country Representative Myson Jambo.

Program Description
This program is to expand the Malawi Borehole Program to the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi. This entails hiring and training a Village X Country Representatives for each of two new regions, the Central Region and Northern Region, under the direction of the Southern Region Representative.

This is a program of training and capacity building in the new Regions, based on the successful model developed during the implementation in the Southern Region. The result will be a strong network of trained and skilled drilling companies and personnel spanning the entire country. It will provide a continuous flow of drilling projects in areas of great need, and improve the infrastructure of the country.

The program will be implemented under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Buckler, CEO of Village X.

This is a sub-program of the Malawi Borehole Program and the East Africa Water and Sanitation Program.

While this program is currently fully funded, we encourage you to donate to the above umbrella programs, so that we can continue to do this kind of work.


2016 — The Malawi Borehole Program looks to scale!

Our man on the ground Myson has identified 23 new water projects spanning Malawi. Geographical breakdown: 9 in the south, 7 in the central, and 7 in the north. Selections are based on meetings and phone calls with health centers, traditional authorities (chiefs), and district water departments. Myson confirmed that each proposed site is located in a high-poverty area with a high waterborne illness rate and a lack of existing clean water sources. Of the 23 villages identified, 8 have already started raising money.

Here are the villages:

Ethiopia Borehole Program

Ethiopia Borehole Program

Ethiopia Borehole Program

Water Charity is proud to announce our Ethiopia Borehole Program.  This is a major initiative to drill new boreholes in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The program is underway.  Click the links near the bottom of this page to read about the projects that are started.

This program is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association.

  The drilling will be done by Selam Awassa Water Drilling works & Sanitation PLC, a local company that was donated drilling equipment by our friends Wine 2 Water, who have been gracious enough to make this connection for us.  In order to achieve maximum effect, and a high return on the dollar, this program is being done in partnership with these groups with an existing presence in the region, and a strong record of success in the field of well creation, management and repair. These will be our first projects in Ethiopia in quite some time, and we are thrilled to be working with people who have been actively engaged in doing water and sanitation projects in the area.

The woredas (counties) to be served by this program are Wondo Genet and Dalle to begin with, and as we can compound upon initial successes, we will expand the program to include other needy areas.  Click on the map to the right to expand it.  Each well will have its own project (and conclusion) page, which will be linked below.  This page will be updated as new projects are started and news from the field comes in.

The regions in question are mountainous with an average elevation of 6,000 ft.  60% of the people in the area do not currently have access to clean water.  According to the 2011 UNDP Human Development Report, Ethiopia is ranked as one of the least developed countries at 174 out of 187 in the United Nations Human Development Index.  It is estimated that one in four Ethiopians live on less than one dollar per day. Access to safe drinking water is particularly lacking in Ethiopia’s rural areas.  During the dry season more traditional sources of water are placed under pressure as hand dug wells and other perennial sources dry up.  Although Ethiopia is said to have one of the greatest water reserves in Africa, most of this lies untapped below the surface of the earth with water tables ranging from 50 to over 500 feet down.

Given this variety in depth, the difficulty and cost of doing wells in various areas varies tremendously.  A 180m deep well is going to cost more per person than a 90m… or 30m well.  The areas we have chosen to start this program are neither the hardest nor the easiest regions where this is concerned, but rather represent an area where the need is great, and the infrastructure to get projects done is present and running well.

Ethiopia’s main health problems are said to be communicable diseases caused by poor sanitation and malnutrition.  Water and sanitation-related diseases, particularly diarrhea, are among the top causes of death in the country, especially for children under 5.  In the woredas where our new wells will be drilled, there are frequent cases of dysentery, giardia, typhoid and other dangerous waterborne illnesses.

The majority of the population consists of subsistence farmers, growing crops such as sugar cane, false banana, coffee, and avocado.  The women and children in the communities are responsible for collecting water for their households from unprotected hand dug wells and contaminated ponds. Wells of the kind we will be installing (deep boreholes) provide year-round safe access to water, and will free up many hours of labor.

The focus is to empower women who carry the burden of hauling water and making a living in a paternalistic society and who offer so much promise to transform communities. Communities and trusted partners are invited to participate in each stage of the work in order to create a sense of ownership, responsibility and stewardship. In this way, a framework and support system is established that can provide long-term benefits for individuals and communities.

Water Use Committee (WUC) has been established for each water point so money can be collected for repairs.  This will ensure village participation, sense of ownership, and long term sustainability.

As the wells are drilled, a health and hygiene training program will be organized. Hand washing, diseases transmission, pump care, and other key lessons will be taught. One of the community members is chosen by the WUC to be caretaker of the pump and will be responsible for small maintenance issues and security.  The new boreholes will dovetail with local community based organizations to build upon a community outreach program (Sustainable Living Groups) for the longevity and sustainability of the project. This, combined with WC’s traditionally minimal overhead costs, creates a very comprehensive package that doesn’t stop at simply drilling a well and installing a pump, but continues to engage with the community, and make sure these water points will continue to provide for the people for many, many years to come.

While this ambitious effort to create wells in a very needy region of a very needy country has a major donor already, we encourage everyone interested in helping out to do so.  The more money we collect for this program, the more people we can help.  This is an opportunity for people to contribute meaningfully to these communities without the massive overhead often associated with such projects.

You can view the individual borehole projects via links at the bottom of this page.

This program falls under our larger, comprehensive East Africa Water & Sanitation Program.

Montserrado Region Handpump Repair Program – Liberia

Montserrado Region Handpump Repair Program – Liberia

Montserrado Region Handpump Repair Program – Liberia

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and The Last Well.                                                                          

This is an ongoing project and Water Charity encourages people to donate to this worthy program.


Montserrado, Liberia

Problem Addressed 

Thousands of Liberians in and around Monrovia (a population of 1.9 million) do not have access to pipe-borne water. NGOs installed hundreds of hand pumps, an expenditure of millions of dollars. Over time, 90% of these pumps have fallen into disrepair, and entire communities no longer have access to safe drinking water. Families have been forced to collect water from creeks, streams, and other unsafe sources, and waterborne diseases are increasing rates of illness and death among children in these communities.

This is an urgent problem developing in and around Liberia’s capital, despite the fact that it costs as little as $300 to repair each broken hand pump.  It is unacceptable that in 2019, communities have to drink unsafe water because they do not have the know-how and the $300 they need to repair their community hand pumps.

Project Description

Water Charity has identified 107 broken hand pumps in Montserrado. Each well repair cost $300 and can serve a community of up to 1,000 households.

To prevent a repeat of the situation where the pumps fail or become inoperable, our team is also training four community volunteers in each location so that they know how to perform regular maintenance and quick repairs. By providing this simple training, WC can ensure that each pump we fix will remain in service for years to come.

This project is already started and a few of the broken hand-pumps have been repaired.

Project Impact

Each well will serve about 1000 people, and there is no where on the planet you can help 1000 people for $150. Water Charity’s 100 repaired wells directly serve 100k people. This amounts to a fairly substantial percentage of the population.

Memorandum of Understanding

There is an agreement between Water Charity and YAI to repair 100 broken hand pumps in Montserrado region of Liberia, and thus to restore water access to a large number of needy people.

Water Charity agrees to adopt this 100 Pump- repair project as a program in YAI Water for Everyone Initiative- Liberia. WC will provide Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars ($15,000 USD) to YAI Funds within 30 days of the date of signing (September 20, 2019) in order to execute this implementation.

Monitoring and Maintenance 

Water Charity has adopted 100 wells that were broken in the Montserrado region of Liberia. WC paid for half of this and YAI is matching the other half in kind, i.e. $30,000 of well repair for $15k.

YAI Executive Director – Dr. L. Weeks

Dr. L. Weeks is an internationally acclaimed humanitarian who has worked to alleviate poverty and human suffering in Africa and around the world for over twenty years. When he was nine, Kimmie came face to face with civil war, human suffering, and death. Dr. Weeks established an International organization called Youth Action International to support the needs of families living in post-war countries. Youth Action International’s programs have benefited more than 200,000 people in six post-war African countries by providing vocational training, rebuilding education systems, providing micro-lending, and encouraging young people to invest in agriculture. (www.youthactioninternational.org) He is a Senior Director for Africa Operations, Integrum Scientific (https://integrumsci.com/)

Project Funding

This is an ongoing problem and Water Charity is encouraging people to donate to this worthy program, $300 for a well repair is already a bargain in charity work… also now WC is able to offer donors the opportunity to adopt them at half price.

Individual wells can be adopted for $150 plus 10% for admin or $165 per well.

And Water Charity is asking our donors to help us do more…
Please join us now in helping to completely repair all of them.




List of 100 Pumps For Repair

Pump # District # Community Name  Local Contact Name  Local Contact Time broken for? Assesed Repaired
1 10 Yeakpee Town Elijah Quegar 886539457 3 YRS N N
2 10 Gayetown Community H. Aex Nyeswah 886584954 10 YRS N N
3 10 Gayetown Community Zebedee Gbotoe 777001137 5 MOS N N
4 10 Nappy Town,Mosque Dukuly 770609166 2 MOS Y Y
5 10 Divine Town Thomas Dahn/Chairperson 770117856 1 YRS Y N
6 10 Transformal Community Thomas Dahn 770117856 1 MOS N N
7 10 Transformal Community Daniel K. Adjai 770357433 1 YRS N N
8 10 Transformal Community Maxwell Kolo 777706004 3 YRS N N
9 4 Mid- Duport Road, Cowfield Mr.Ballah 777009577 3 YRS Y Y
10 10 Smalltown Community James D. Dermard 886156314 4 YRS N N
11 10 Tokpacamp Community Favor Stewart 777530524 4 YRS N N
12 10 sophia Community Tetee Smith 775362852 1 YRS N N
13 10 Peace Island community Maima Boimah 775480994 6 MOS N N
14 2 Chicken Farm Emmanuel Williepaye 775641822 1  MOS Y N
15 2 Chicken Farm Emmanuel Williepaye 775641822 1 YRS Y N
16 2 St. Francis School Campus Mr. Carter 775238829 5 MOS N N
17 2 Chicken Farm,Old Field Josephine M.Siafa 777946758 4  MOS Y N
18 2 St. Francis Community Mariam Sheriff 775479812 1 YRS Y N
19 2 St. Francis Road Mariam Sheriff 775478912 1 YRS Y N
20 2 Jacob Town Salome 770704863 6 MOS Y N
21 2 South Africa Road Ruth f. Cooper 775558134 3 MOS Y N
22 4 Seekey Community David somor 776236914 1 MOS Y Y
23 4 Duport Road community Nelson B. Korvah 777009577 4 MOS Y N
24 4 Duport Road community Mr.Oscar Siedre 777275869 5 MOS Y Y
25 1 Goba’s Town Chairman 775837363 1YRS Y Y
26 1 Gwee Town Joseph Dukuly 775233202 1YRS Y Y
27 6 Osiwa Community Mr. Pewee 775045806 2YRS N N
28 1 Yehn Town School Campus Joseph Gaba 775837363 6MOS Y Y
29 11 Maryland Center Meme Fahnbulleh 776727364 1YRS N N
30 10 Peace Island Thomas Dahn 770117856 1YRS Y N
31 1 Cursovillie Randolph Diggs 777019658 1YRS Y Y
32 1 Nyehn Town , Todee Joseph Gaba 775837363 6MOS Y Y
33 1 Mount Coffe, Raymond Town Yarkpazuo sumo 776236914 2YRS Y Y
34 1 Mount Coffe, Raymond Town Yarkpazuo sumo 776236914 6MOS Y Y
35 6 Gsa Road Varbah Dukuly 880053823 2 MOS Y N
36 6 Rehab Jermie Strother 776124523 1 MOS Y N
37 6 Gsa Road Varbah Dukuly 880053823 2 MOS Y N
38 6 Rehab Abraham Learkpaye 777141869 4 MOS Y N
39 6 Rehab Lucy Yancy 886912136 6 MOS Y N
40 6 Thinkersvillage Abraham 777141816 2 WKS Y N
41 6 Methodist Church Keistia 880147821 3 MOS Y N
42 6 Methodist Church Keistia 770341892 4 MOS Y N
43 6 Methodist Church Keistia 880147821 3 MOS Y N
44 5 Behind town Hall Ama Eshun 880318702 6 MOS Y N
45 5 Behind town Hall Esther Mulbah 777784236 6 MOS Y N
46 5 Behind town Hall Timothy N. George 777784236 6 MOS Y N
47 6 TownHall Winston Potoway 776105468 1 YRS Y N
48 6 TownHall Winston Potoway 776105468 1 YRS Y N
49 6 Ab Tolbert Road Beatrice Peanick 777861078 2 MOS Y N
50 4 Soul Clinic Village Community Otis Flomo 775993025 1YRS Y Y
51 10 KalondoField Mr. Raymond, 886425113 3 YRS Y Y
52 4 Diamond Creek Community Koffa 888646212 8MOS Y Y
53 14 Soul Clinic  Kemah Town Alfred King 77676803 6MOS Y Y
54 10 Peace Island Block Mr. Giah, 777111762 18 MOS Y N
55 4 cowfield Last Junction Idrissa Donzo 777031418 1YRS Y Y
56 16 Momeboe Town,struton Creek winston 778120146 2 YRS Y N
57 2 Lower Johnsonville Rev. David, 770216549 1 YRS Y N
58 2 Lower Johnsonville Jesco 776135294 8 MOS Y N
59 1 Bahr Town, Todee Randalf 777019658 1YRS Y N
60 1 Todee,School Campus Town Chief 775885017 4 MOS Y Y
61 1 Careyburg, Overcomers Community Mr.karpu 770255417 11 YRS Y Y
62 1 Tatee Community Samuel Karpu 770255417 2 YRS Y Y
63 1 Vervely Community Samuel Karpu 770255417 2 YRS Y Y
64 1 K.P.S. Community Isaac Moore 776205417 8 MOS Y Y
65 4 cowfield first Junction Emmett Pay 77678414 1 YRS Y Y
66 4 cowfield Last Junction Success Bartee 770195701 2 YRS Y Y
67 4 cowfield Last Junction Mr. Momo 777249439 1 YRS Y Y
68 4 Red-Lighrt Gobachop David Selma 778125956 1 YRS Y Y
69 4 Red-Lighrt Gobachop Isaac 776147599 11 MOS Y N
70 4 Red-Lighrt Gobachop Chaiman melvin 770182788 2 YRS Y Y
71 4 Red-Lighrt Gobachop Chairman Melvin 770182788 6MOS Y Y
72 4 New Kemah Town Wengwolo Quoquoi 776242812 1YRS Y N
73 4 Gaza Community Sonnie Kowah 775051338 5MOS Y Y
74 5 Police Academy Block D Mr. Miller 777032825 8MOS Y N
75 6 Plam Bush Community James Flomo 77055989 1YRS N N
76 5 Police Academy, Bassa Town Jessie Smith, 770451331 2 YRS Y N
77 5 Police Academy, Bloc D Daniel Gbaotdo 778684587 10 YRS Y N
78 5 Police Academy, Bloc B Ma. Garmai 886417148 2 YRS Y N
79 5 Redlight Resevior Community Patricia, 777624255 6 MOS N N
80 5 72nd Community, Bassa town Famata Dolo 886973019 6 MOS N N
81 5 72nd Community, Army Camp George Cephas 770655212 3 YRS N N
82 5 Police Academy, Bloc C Bati Doe 775136320 8 MOS Y N
83 5 Police Academy, Bloc A. Amos 770323156 8 YRS Y N
84 5 Weaver Community, Blc B Rufus 886616528 2 YRS Y N
85 5 Paynesville Town Hall Francis 776590165 4 YRS Y N
86 5 Weaver St. Community Bendu, 775902725 4  YRS Y N
87 5 AB Tolbert Road, Blc A Amelia 770167974 3 YRS Y N
88 5 AB Tolbert Road, Blc B Jallah 777151996 4 YRS N N
89 5 12 Houses Road, Bloc A Kofa 776016776 2 WKS N N
90 5 12 Houses Road, Bloc B Penny 778434488 9 MOS N N
91 5 12 Houses Road, Bassa Town Arthur 777059212 2 MOS Y N
92 4 parkerpaint community Alpha Kessll 770965262 4 YRS Y N
93 4 cowfield Duport Agnes Goteh 7778948843 6 MOS N N
94 2 Jacobs town Janjay Sawaye 7770521492 7 MOS N N
95 6 Thinkersvillage Savo Kole 777247837 1  YRS N N
97 2 Dixville Junction Beatrice Morris 775626462 2  YRS N N
98 2 Pipeline Cecelia Tyler 770550124 3 YRS N N
99 6 ELWA, Community Mr. Smith, 770420624 1 YRS N N
100 10 Polotoree Community Rachel Synyenlentu 880884400 1YRS N N
Todee & Careysburg Well Repair Program – Liberia

Todee & Careysburg Well Repair Program – Liberia

Todee & Careysburg Well Repair Program – Liberia

Water Charity has continued its Water For Everyone Initiative efforts in Liberia with this Todee & Careysburg Well Repair Program.

Our Water for Everyone Initiative was created to provide basic access to safe water to every person in 3 West African countries, Liberia, Togo, and The Gambia, by the end of 2023.

 This is our 4th region adopted to a major push towards finishing the entire border to border initiative.


Location: Pleemu Town
Todee District #1; Montserrado County, Population: 850

Community Description

Pleemu Town has located in the district of Todee, in rural Monteserrado County. This town has established by a man named Kpanna Kokolee but was destroyed by fire. Later it was re-established by a Solomon B Singbah from another country and was named in the Kpelle language ‘Pleemu ‘ which translates to ‘Parasite Tree’, a tree in the area that does not stand. Alone for growth but rest on another for support. This town is large and is populated mostly with young people. This area has a church, Public school, and a clinic that was constructed by NGO but is now run by the Government of Liberia.

Problem Addressed 

The lack of safe drinking water has been a serious challenge for the locals, and many have suffered sickness and disease from drinking contaminated water. On October 22, 2019, Water Charity conducted a Health & Hygiene Workshop for this community with 21 participants. The people learned the importance of a clean environment and how important it is to wash their hands regularly. This new well will provide safe clean water for children and their families for many years to come.

Project Impact 

Each of these wells is significant, bringing safe drinking water to remote towns that had been praying for this for many years. Several years ago, the United Nations said that safe drinking water is a basic human right. Yet millions of people continue to suffer and die because they do not have safe drinking water. Thanks to our partnership, the future in the villages listed in this report will now be changed forever!

Each well represents safe drinking water. An abundant, reliable, year-round supply. No longer will the men, women, and children of this village be forced to drink unsafe, polluted water from stagnant streams and swamps.

Each well is located centrally in their communities. This is life-changing for girls who traditionally are expected to assist their mothers with domestic chores. One of the cultural responsibilities is to obtain drinking water for their families. This often meant getting up very early to draw water from lakes and shallow streams before it was stirred-up by the animals with whom they shared this water supply. Sadly, it is not uncommon to hear stories of young girls being raped as they undertake this long walk along dense jungle trails.

Location: Nyman Town Quarter #1
Todee District, Montserrado County, Population: 547 

Community Description

Nyman Town Q#1 is located behind Division 21, the Firestone Rubber Plantation Sector. It is the last community located downhill of the Grand Town called Gorsue Town and was founded by an old man named Dikaqua. He went into this area with his family in 1969. Thereafter other people began to migrate into the town. This Town has its own school but without a clinic. The basic livelihood of the people is farming, petty trading, etc.

Problem Addressed 

The lack of safe drinking water in this town have caused so many health issues to the community, especially for the children and elderly. The only sources they have are a hand-dug well and a creek, which took them about 18-25 minutes’ walk from the center of town to get water from the creek. Bad water causes an outbreak of diseases like running stomachs, diarrhea, and skin rashes.

Project Impact 

The arrival of the Water Charity Team brought relief to them when they were informed of the new hand pumps and the health and hygiene training that was about to take place in their town. The Workshop was conducted under a peaceful atmosphere where the participants were taught about disease transmission, hands washing, and water chlorination.


Location: Nyman Town Quarter #2
Todee District, Montserrado County, Population: 625

Community Description

Nyman Town Q#2 is located in the same town as Quarter one. It is the second community in Nyman town. The people of this Quarter are engaged in farming and burning coal.

Problem Addressed 

The lack of safe drinking water in this community in other areas remains a huge challenge, the only source they have is a hand-dug well and a nearby creek. The distance from this quarter to the hand-dug well or the creek is about 15 to 20 minutes’ walk. This has caused a widespread of sicknesses such as running stomach, diarrhea, and skin rashes

Project Impact 

The people of this quarter were very happy when the Lifewater Health and Hygiene Team arrived to educate them about their basic health and hygiene practices. As the Workshop was conducted and they were taught about the basic hygiene practice to help them reduce the high risk of illness in their community and keep their environment clean and safe from sicknesses. The lesson taught was on how to chlorinate water before drinking and to wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet and to keep their surrounding clean of garbage and human feces.

Location: GweeTown Quarter #1
Todee District, Montserrado County, Population: 950

Community Description

Gwee Town Quarter 1 is located along the road leading to one of the most popular towns called Goba Town. The distance from Todee junction to Gwee Town about 5 minutes drive. It is the first big Town from the main Monrovia- Kakata high way called Todee junction. This Town according to the elders was established in the 18 century by the late Joseph P. Gwee. The major source of livelihood for them is farming, coal burning, along with motorcycle taxi mostly by the youth and other types of small businesses.

Problem Addressed 

The Town has been suffering from several outbreaks of running stomach caused by unsafe drinking water. Some dwellers go blind and the lack of hygiene practices and bad water has led to quite a high child death rate. The people have been crying out for humanitarian assistance.

Project Impact 

Water Charity Team conducted a Workshop for training and shared knowledge with the community on how to prevent communicable diseases and take good care of their environment for good health. “This Workshop has brought to our changes in the way of living by chlorinating our water and keeping the environment clean of garbage and disposal site”, the Women Leader who represented the town chief said. She gives a big thank you to the WC family for the good work done for the community.

Please join us now in helping to completely repair all of them.

Water Charity Wells in Montserrado

ID# Partner Product County District Community Date Community Size Well Depth latitude longitude Community Description Water Quality Flow Rate Other Comments
2903 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kartoe Town 16-03-2020 1,000-4,999 22 6.56 -10 Monrovia kakata high way Good
2902 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Goba Town 16-03-2020 1,000-4,999 63 6.5 -10 Monrovia kakata highway Good
2901 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Bahr 16-03-2020 500-999 34 6.49 -10 Monrovia kakata highway Good
2849 COHDEP Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Zinger Town 19-02-2020 500-999 28 6.54 -11 The pump is right in the middle of the the town Good 10.5 Very good
2848 COHDEP Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Guepulor 19-02-2020 1,000-4,999 51 6.51 -11 The pump is right on  the corner of the town. Good 10 Very good
2847 COHDEP Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Guepulor 19-02-2020 1,000-4,999 51 6.51 -11 The pump is right on the school campus Good 11 Very good
2832 COHDEP Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Back Camp 16-02-2020 1,000-4,999 76 6.57 -10 At the end of the town,last pump on the left Good 6 Good
2755 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kalgai Town 03-12-2019 1,000-4,999 40 6.63 -10 Good 10
2754 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kangain 17-01-2020 1,000-4,999 28 6.63 -10 Good 10
2753 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Sonkay Town 17-11-2019 499 or less 36 6.61 -10 Good 10
2712 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Zinnah town 31-12-2019 1,000-4,999 38 6.72 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2711 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Botoi Town 31-12-2019 1,000-4,999 36 6.76 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2710 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Gbai town 31-12-2019 500-999 36 6.69 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2709 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Yarkpai town 31-12-2019 499 or less 36 6.73 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2708 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Gbarkparmah 31-12-2019 1,000-4,999 35 6.69 -11 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2618 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kangain Town (GPS is wrong) 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 24 6.53 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2617 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kangain town (GPS is wrong) 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 34 6.53 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2615 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Sunkai (GPS is wrong) 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 36 6.53 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2614 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Kangain 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 54 6.63 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2613 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Karto Town 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 24 6.56 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2612 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Korto Town 04-12-2019 1,000-4,999 6.57 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good
2605 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Nyman Town (Quarter #2) 02-12-2019 1,000-4,999 75 6.47 -10 This  Town  is Located  behind  division  21. From division  21 to this (Nyman Quarter#2)  is about  5 minutes  drive. good 10 good  Quality (2019-73)
2604 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Nyman Town (Quarter#3) 02-12-2019 499 or less 100 6.47 -10 This  Place  is  Located  behind  Division 21.  From division  21 to Nyman  is about  5 minutes  drive. good 10 Good  Quality (2019-74)
2603 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Nyman town (Quarter#1) 02-12-2019 500-999 80 6.47 -10 This  town    is Located  behind  Division 21. From  Division  21 to  Yeamah  is about  6 minutes  drive.. good 11 Good  Quality(2019-72)
2602 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Gwee Town (Quarter#2) 02-12-2019 499 or less 115 6.47 -10 This  Town  is Located  behind  Todee  Junction, from  the  Junction  to Gwee  town  is about  2 minutes  drive.. good 10 Good  Quality(2019-71)
2601 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Gwee town (Quarter#1) 02-12-2019 1,000-4,999 90 6.47 -10 This  Town    is Located behind  Todee  Junction. From  the  Junction  to  Gwee  Town  is  about  2 minutes  drive.. good 10 good  Quality(2019-65)
2600 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Miatta town. 02-12-2019 499 or less 100 6.58 -10 This town  is  Located  behind  Morris  Farm.. from   Morris  farm  to miatta  is about  5 minutes  drive.. good 10 good  Quality(2019-64)
2561 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Gwee Town 02-11-2019 1,000-4,999 25.6 6.47 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good 7
2559 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Bahr Town 02-11-2019 500-999 31.9 6.49 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good 6.6
2558 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Goba 02-11-2019 1,000-4,999 20 6.5 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good 6.1
2557 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Goba Town 02-11-2019 1,000-4,999 25.5 6.5 -10 Monrovia Kakata Highway Good 7.8
2542 ODNGC Major Rehab Montserrado Todee Freeman Reserve 31-10-2019 1,000-4,999 34.7 6.45 -10 Located on the monrovia Kakata highway Good 7.5
2523 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Pleemu town 25-10-2019 1,000-4,999 65 6.59 -10 This place    is Located Within  Pleemu.. good 10 Good  Quality(2019-58)
2525 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Salami Town 23-10-2019 499 or less 60 6.54 -10 From  Pleemu  to  Salami  town  is about  9 minutes  drive.. good 10 good  Quality(2019-60)
2524 Life Water Borehole Montserrado Todee Queue Town 20-10-2019 499 or less 70 6.55 -10 The  road  leading  to  Queue Town  is   Located   at the  left corner  before  entering Pleemu. From  Pleemu to  Queue Town  is  about  ten minutes  drive… good 10 Good  Quality(2019-59)

Water Charity Filter Towns

District Community Date Latitude Longitude
Careysburg Balatanah Town 16-10-2019 6.420383333 -10.58970333
Careysburg Bogarlo Town 16-10-2019 6.4149503 -10.6090994
Careysburg Children Home 16-10-2019 6.4316593 -10.605238
Careysburg Darlowors 16-10-2019 6.431065 -10.6247133
Careysburg David Town 16-10-2019 6.4670718 -10.6203124
Careysburg Fula Quarter 16-10-2019 6.4453115 -10.624363
Careysburg Gbokolle Town 16-10-2019 6.407298333 -10.59917
Careysburg Japan Shasha 16-10-2019 6.457275 -10.627645
Careysburg Kansuah 16-10-2019 6.4235352 -10.6165582
Careysburg Kansuah town 16-10-2019 6.423563333 -10.61651333
Careysburg King village 16-10-2019 6.417705 -10.61439
Careysburg Kondeh 16-10-2019 6.4073501 -10.6249636
Careysburg Louisiana Yard 16-10-2019 6.4462597 -10.6209097
Careysburg Monegan 16-10-2019 6.4125745 -10.6327867
Careysburg Nagaye town 16-10-2019 6.416062 -10.6352098
Careysburg New Village 16-10-2019 6.4277233 -10.63534
Careysburg Nyahkorlor town 16-10-2019 6.467406667 -10.54626167
Careysburg Nyeapolu town 16-10-2019 6.4134558 -10.6416983
Careysburg Rocket Mountain 16-10-2019 6.4281282 -10.6062332
Careysburg Sarffie 16-10-2019 6.433125 -10.6333117
Careysburg Somo 16-10-2019 6.41499 -10.58710667
Careysburg Somo Town 16-10-2019 6.41391 -10.58637
Careysburg Toeyah 16-10-2019 6.3991291 -10.6103115
Careysburg Walite 16-10-2019 6.4310899 -10.6143432
Careysburg Balatanah 17-10-2019 6.4814171 -10.5878407
Careysburg Ballah 17-10-2019 6.473321 -10.5832012
Careysburg Basal 17-10-2019 6.4667863 -10.5698763
Careysburg Beguia Town 17-10-2019 6.4647371 -10.5751282
Careysburg Bologarlague Town 17-10-2019 6.4372133 -10.5702133
Careysburg Civil compound 17-10-2019 6.448141667 -10.60637333
Careysburg Crewed 17-10-2019 6.419493333 -10.62461167
Careysburg Forkpah Town 17-10-2019 6.474533333 -10.55349
Careysburg Gonpue 17-10-2019 6.497418333 -10.53646
Careysburg Gotor 17-10-2019 6.430505 -10.58769667
Careysburg Kortu Town 17-10-2019 6.481543333 -10.54659833
Careysburg Lorma Village 17-10-2019 6.474563333 -10.55031167
Careysburg Moinga 17-10-2019 6.4126468 -10.6327944
Careysburg Molly Town 17-10-2019 6.432735 -10.5708867
Careysburg Monkapgai Town 17-10-2019 6.438205 -10.5640133
Careysburg Nagia 17-10-2019 6.4161414 -10.6351821
Careysburg Namieh 17-10-2019 6.43796 -10.5842
Careysburg Seword 17-10-2019 6.439113333 -10.5806
Careysburg Travels Town 17-10-2019 6.4341782 -10.5627855
Careysburg Yarkpazuh town 17-10-2019 6.454095 -10.593835
Careysburg Borto 18-10-2019 6.477768333 -10.60047333
Careysburg Cooper Farm 18-10-2019 6.462585 -10.50018167
Careysburg Diamond creek 18-10-2019 6.481193333 -10.60103667
Careysburg Flomo Town 18-10-2019 6.4191034 -10.5711269
Careysburg Gbolo Town 18-10-2019 6.427315 -10.5818967
Careysburg Gonogala Town 18-10-2019 6.4278317 -10.58365
Careysburg Ima town 18-10-2019 6.462201667 -10.603835
Careysburg Kiam Town 18-10-2019 6.455481667 -10.53598
Careysburg Lasana Town 18-10-2019 6.421775 -10.5742333
Careysburg Masa farm 18-10-2019 6.463278333 -10.55335667
Careysburg Naiwelee Village 18-10-2019 6.406926667 -10.53461833
Careysburg Nimaly 18-10-2019 6.4554183 -10.506685
Careysburg Porto town 18-10-2019 6.477778333 -10.60047667
Careysburg Sackie Town 18-10-2019 6.4251783 -10.5800565
Careysburg Sangale 18-10-2019 6.455925 -10.559565
Careysburg Togbaward town 18-10-2019 6.46704 -10.55163833
Careysburg B village 19-10-2019 6.424458333 -10.50766333
Careysburg Banda kpana farm 19-10-2019 6.425823333 -10.51073667
Careysburg Bonnie’s Village 19-10-2019 6.446556667 -10.49709667
Careysburg Clopolay Town 19-10-2019 6.43536 -10.49069
Careysburg Galashue town 19-10-2019 6.434281667 -10.51908167
Careysburg Gboko 19-10-2019 6.4164033 -10.5314617
Careysburg Gboto Town 19-10-2019 6.432858333 -10.49042167
Careysburg Harwa 19-10-2019 6.42647 -10.53489
Careysburg Keseleh Village 19-10-2019 6.39741 -10.49847833
Careysburg Koto 19-10-2019 6.4409321 -10.5364949
Careysburg Kpana 19-10-2019 6.422395 -10.50909
Careysburg Mamie pepper 19-10-2019 6.438188 -10.5349158
Careysburg Marchant 19-10-2019 6.4448938 -10.5387419
Careysburg Nyemah 19-10-2019 6.42447 -10.532675
Careysburg SaahNyumah Village 19-10-2019 6.438901667 -10.49006333
Careysburg Sackor village 19-10-2019 6.427825 -10.51492667
Careysburg Sharmon Village 19-10-2019 6.43146 -10.48978333
Careysburg Taties Town 19-10-2019 6.437488333 -10.49086333
Careysburg Jack Tucker Village 20-10-2019 6.427693333 -10.53348833
Careysburg Kandy farm 20-10-2019 6.41014 -10.53324167
Careysburg Karsina Village 20-10-2019 6.445886667 -10.495545
Careysburg Gbolomie town 21-10-2019 6.48708 -10.51756833
Careysburg Jackson Farm 21-10-2019 6.400866667 -10.50868667
Careysburg Kamah 21-10-2019 6.483491667 -10.52764167
Careysburg New land community 21-10-2019 6.398313333 -10.51761
Careysburg Sammie Town 21-10-2019 6.398383333 -10.523575
Careysburg Sekaley town 21-10-2019 6.494193333 -10.518715
Careysburg Tulamu 21-10-2019 6.4856 -10.52182333
Careysburg Tuopleh Town 21-10-2019 6.414036667 -10.50979
Careysburg Yarkollie 21-10-2019 6.492461667 -10.51269833
Careysburg Bassa town 22-10-2019 6.461076667 -10.519305
Careysburg Crawford Fram 22-10-2019 6.466051667 -10.64534667
Careysburg Date town 22-10-2019 6.452276667 -10.57106833
Careysburg Fahntaylor town 22-10-2019 6.466913333 -10.53103667
Careysburg Gbahn, s town 22-10-2019 6.472518333 -10.53498667
Careysburg Gbamu 22-10-2019 6.47426 -10.536745
Careysburg God gift Community 22-10-2019 6.40239 -10.6045
Careysburg Gorgor Town 22-10-2019 6.462991667 -10.656075
Careysburg John qwah town 22-10-2019 6.483678333 -10.53883
Careysburg Porte Hill 22-10-2019 6.458716667 -10.63902333
Careysburg Sangbeh Town 22-10-2019 6.455408333 -10.65705333
Careysburg Tartar Town 22-10-2019 6.476158333 -10.54386333
Careysburg Barkar Town 23-10-2019 6.464678333 -10.67817
Careysburg Boi town 23-10-2019 6.498741667 -10.62077
Careysburg Carter Town 23-10-2019 6.463503333 -10.68025833
Careysburg Clinton 23-10-2019 6.469253333 -10.66509667
Careysburg Clinton Town 23-10-2019 6.469235 -10.66509833
Careysburg Daniel wright 23-10-2019 6.453295 -10.70131833
Careysburg December 23-10-2019 6.476286667 -10.660735
Careysburg Jawajah 23-10-2019 6.499511667 -10.61925833
Careysburg Joe Ricks 23-10-2019 6.471813333 -10.66303833
Careysburg Kpakallah Town 23-10-2019 6.463686667 -10.68374
Careysburg Middle town 23-10-2019 6.483326667 -10.63329667
Careysburg Raymond camp 23-10-2019 6.487295 -10.6543
Careysburg Saul Town 23-10-2019 6.461428333 -10.69271167
Careysburg Weaduo town 23-10-2019 6.51926 -10.60847667
Careysburg Zicock town 23-10-2019 6.513236667 -10.615835
Careysburg Zubah 23-10-2019 6.471328333 -10.66508333
Careysburg Billimue 26-10-2019 6.431238333 -10.65052833
Careysburg Fire Point 26-10-2019 6.475036667 -10.6479
Careysburg Gbelley 26-10-2019 6.432611667 -10.65414167
Careysburg Gbenker 26-10-2019 6.452333333 -10.68954167
Careysburg Gbenker town 26-10-2019 6.452263333 -10.689405
Careysburg Gois 26-10-2019 6.426953333 -10.666185
Careysburg Gorgeous Armah town 26-10-2019 6.476936667 -10.65501833
Careysburg Harris 26-10-2019 6.4760867 -10.6508083
Careysburg John Pickup Town 26-10-2019 6.444711667 -10.66723167
Careysburg Korker Town 26-10-2019 6.476048333 -10.64961333
Careysburg L.Jackson Community 26-10-2019 6.443716667 -10.66690667
Careysburg Mcgill 26-10-2019 6.449773333 -10.68886667
Careysburg Mousekolleh 26-10-2019 6.486906667 -10.64695333
Careysburg Nancy Walker 26-10-2019 6.44887 -10.67035167
Careysburg Water hole town 26-10-2019 6.40108 -10.50346667
Todee Leipolu town 13-01-2020 6.5654486 -10.5107091
Todee Gai Town 14-01-2020 6.570573519 -10.4893769
Todee Kortuma 14-01-2020 6.573529523 -10.48760078
Todee Marsh Town 14-01-2020 6.5792249 -10.48463627
Todee Saybay George Town 14-01-2020 6.5173367 -10.534535
Todee Tamba 14-01-2020 6.5175371 -10.5255452
Todee Vatekeh Town 14-01-2020 6.579093514 -10.48465764
Todee Watta Town 14-01-2020 6.51559 -10.537845
Todee Cotton Town 16-01-2020 6.513016667 -10.53129
Todee Harman Farm /Fallah Town 16-01-2020 6.517388333 -10.45809833
Todee Holder 1 16-01-2020 6.5763617 -10.5141783
Todee Rebbeca Fatm 16-01-2020 6.525491667 -10.47116
Todee Taylor 1 Town 16-01-2020 6.5846779 -10.5193024
Todee Taylor 2 Town 16-01-2020 6.5901869 -10.5264236
Todee Willie Town 16-01-2020 6.5696632 -10.5143516
Todee Yaryoyo Town 16-01-2020 6.519888333 -10.46285333
Todee Feleyequla Town 17-01-2020 6.474445 -10.43716333
Todee Gboplay Town 17-01-2020 6.51489 -10.45600833
Todee Jovan Town 17-01-2020 6.466701667 -10.417765
Todee Natea Town 17-01-2020 6.474313333 -10.43312333
Todee Peeza 17-01-2020 6.50177 -10.44618167
Todee Todee Junction 17-01-2020 6.466185 -10.41765667
Todee Zolon 17-01-2020 6.518426667 -10.44203167
Todee 19 Jungition 18-01-2020 6.461316667 -10.42052
Todee A. B Tolbert Farm 18-01-2020 6.620455 -10.5636867
Todee Barwobrown Town 18-01-2020 6.6004134 -10.5621136
Todee Bawobron Farm 18-01-2020 6.6144083 -10.5506
Todee Benben Town 18-01-2020 6.526561667 -10.58107833
Todee Bonner Town 18-01-2020 6.6002317 -10.5550683
Todee Diasuah Towm 18-01-2020 6.452793333 -10.415505
Todee Flomo Towm 18-01-2020 6.455043333 -10.41873333
Todee James Samgo Town 18-01-2020 6.5644328 -10.4907443
Todee Jammy Town 18-01-2020 6.5911867 -10.5132567
Todee John Town 18-01-2020 6.588275 -10.5134517
Todee Nehn Town 18-01-2020 6.458446667 -10.41062833
Todee Pipe Town 18-01-2020 6.6135083 -10.5677833
Todee Tamba Farm 18-01-2020 6.485203333 -10.45363333
Todee Tengbeh Town 18-01-2020 6.447993333 -10.41066167
Todee Truly Town 18-01-2020 6.6282383 -10.5780367
Todee Tulu Town 18-01-2020 6.6281883 -10.5780133
Todee Varney Town 18-01-2020 6.498163333 -10.462375
Todee Vartekeh 18-01-2020 6.6200241 -10.553069
Todee Vartekeh Town 18-01-2020 6.6200017 -10.55313
Todee Velenkpalasue 18-01-2020 6.46384 -10.409185
Todee Wallah Town 18-01-2020 6.6251767 -10.5514967
Todee Yeagbla Town 18-01-2020 6.499646667 -10.46844
Todee Charles Luke 19-01-2020 6.462245 -10.46817
Todee Dehdeh Town 19-01-2020 6.466183333 -10.49828
Todee Fahan Twon 19-01-2020 6.484501667 -10.43282333
Todee Gboto Town 19-01-2020 6.5407162 -10.5557941
Todee Kpaingba Village 19-01-2020 6.5429003 -10.5205641
Todee Malalu Town 19-01-2020 6.456436667 -10.47367333
Todee Pabia Village 19-01-2020 6.5462501 -10.5125503
Todee Richard Village 19-01-2020 6.458383333 -10.47239167
Todee Sonnie Town 19-01-2020 6.595635 -10.5194667
Todee Weasangba Town 19-01-2020 6.5438915 -10.5549859
Todee Zalamu Town 19-01-2020 6.5422055 -10.5513785
Todee Adjanna Town 20-01-2020 6.644753 -10.5761377
Todee Bana Farm 20-01-2020 6.467108333 -10.49865167
Todee Banda Konnah 20-01-2020 6.6800117 -10.57544
Todee Bletana 20-01-2020 6.472295 -10.49397667
Todee Boumah Town 20-01-2020 6.5401814 -10.5539854
Todee Do We ‘S Town 20-01-2020 6.493735 -10.49938333
Todee Don Don Town 20-01-2020 6.6714782 -10.5721856
Todee Fayaway Town 20-01-2020 6.495219 -10.5538118
Todee Freeman Town 20-01-2020 6.5316264 -10.5566081
Todee George Moko Town 20-01-2020 6.480453333 -10.49179833
Todee Gorzu 20-01-2020 6.473318333 -10.48430667
Todee Heaven Know 20-01-2020 6.6435733 -10.564245
Todee Hunder Town 20-01-2020 6.6554267 -10.5827967
Todee Kpallah Town 20-01-2020 6.486826667 -10.49570167
Todee Law Point 20-01-2020 6.672095 -10.5917817
Todee Love Point 20-01-2020 6.6687267 -10.5906467
Todee Miatta Towm 20-01-2020 6.581396667 -10.42188
Todee Mind Your Mouth 20-01-2020 6.64904 -10.5592233
Todee Pa Soul On Village 20-01-2020 6.468248333 -10.49800167
Todee Parmore Village 20-01-2020 6.4919889 -10.5497144
Todee Patrick Willie Hill 20-01-2020 6.6323267 -10.5595083
Todee Pension Town 20-01-2020 6.472503333 -10.49648
Todee Soumlana Town 20-01-2020 6.474586667 -10.49550167
Todee Tokar Town 20-01-2020 6.497751667 -10.496155
Todee Tom Kollie Town 20-01-2020 6.62529 -10.5605683
Todee Vai P Reeves 20-01-2020 6.491086667 -10.508205
Todee Wold Bank 1 20-01-2020 6.57392 -10.40528833
Todee Zoe Town 20-01-2020 6.5280181 -10.5569364
Todee Barnoe Town 21-01-2020 6.635515 -10.5953783
Todee Gbayan 21-01-2020 6.486405 -10.41049
Todee Gokpai Town 21-01-2020 6.4826561 -10.4243575
Todee Gonjahasiahn Town 21-01-2020 6.636765 -10.60482
Todee John Y Village 21-01-2020 6.62759 -10.5900383
Todee Kayen Town 21-01-2020 6.4896894 -10.4184121
Todee Lighting Farm 21-01-2020 6.6365033 -10.56361
Todee Mohama Village 21-01-2020 6.6439467 -10.5908017
Todee Zinc Camp 21-01-2020 6.4803264 -10.4031114
Todee Cooper Farm 22-01-2020 6.5131382 -10.3906005
Todee Cooper Farm New Land Village 22-01-2020 6.4866883 -10.4001303
Todee Dekegar 22-01-2020 6.51823 -10.3847017
Todee Kanga 22-01-2020 6.5147885 -10.3897785
Todee Moingai Town 22-01-2020 6.4889829 -10.3854167
Todee Bobbie Toe 23-01-2020 6.5051376 -10.3999377
Todee Gargar Town 23-01-2020 6.5922236 -10.4608803
Todee Garnett Farm 23-01-2020 6.5118296 -10.4019163
Todee Guikporlorsu 23-01-2020 6.5005632 -10.4076733
Todee Japan Town 23-01-2020 6.5954421 -10.4287689
Todee Junior Sirleaf Farm 23-01-2020 6.5128734 -10.4014363
Todee Karsoyan Farm 23-01-2020 6.5103572 -10.4081041
Todee Ketter Farm 23-01-2020 6.548865 -10.452995
Todee Kolleh Zuahn Town 23-01-2020 6.5722775 -10.4414811
Todee Kollehzuahn Town 23-01-2020 6.5724 -10.44154
Todee Kpenebu Town 23-01-2020 6.5819475 -10.4597321
Todee Loge Party Farm 23-01-2020 6.5003533 -10.4021033
Todee Mamipelly 23-01-2020 6.5015909 -10.4058291
Todee Martin 23-01-2020 6.5059295 -10.4005091
Todee Momah Village 23-01-2020 6.5080017 -10.4102483
Todee Musa Towm 23-01-2020 6.55262 -10.4493017
Todee Myunah Town 23-01-2020 6.5011018 -10.4014174
Todee Sirleaf 23-01-2020 6.5151049 -10.4048072
Todee Tampa Village 23-01-2020 6.5057822 -10.4016517
Todee Yarqueque Town 23-01-2020 6.5874794 -10.4533484
Todee Bayamah Town 24-01-2020 6.5270041 -10.3907995
Todee Bloar Town 24-01-2020 6.553085 -10.4714967
Todee David Hiama Farm 24-01-2020 6.5133794 -10.3986373
Todee Korkaleh Town 24-01-2020 6.55333 -10.4666333
Todee Seyaefiv Town 24-01-2020 6.5108619 -10.3862742
Todee Sis Sarah Farm 24-01-2020 6.4764345 -10.40342
Todee Valeiyehn Town 24-01-2020 6.5071656 -10.3765375
Todee Vialayea 24-01-2020 6.543965 -10.4384617
Todee Washington 24-01-2020 6.5330933 -10.46219
Todee Washington 2 24-01-2020 6.5269417 -10.4568983
Todee Blackie Town 25-01-2020 6.5576974 -10.5029627
Todee Gbalasua Town 25-01-2020 6.6461523 -10.5685835
Todee Mouse Towm 25-01-2020 6.5551514 -10.4986553
Todee Bass Town 29-01-2020 6.5420372 -10.547789
Todee Dogbalon Town 18-02-2020 6.536634567 -10.50017807
Todee Kollie Town 19-02-2020 6.7158978 -10.5141369
Todee Abdul Farm 20-02-2020 6.72507 -10.493175
Todee Bayeseato Village 20-02-2020 6.750778333 -10.51371167
Todee Bontoe Town 20-02-2020 6.72776105 -10.52441452
Todee Boyo Town 20-02-2020 6.75957785 -10.52809847
Todee Bushmen Town 20-02-2020 6.7229 -10.50370667
Todee Dekeigar Town 20-02-2020 6.6506097 -10.5389979
Todee Fourday Farm 20-02-2020 6.7597484 -10.52670053
Todee Joe Village 20-02-2020 6.74918295 -10.50500712
Todee John Piezen Village 20-02-2020 6.757582183 -10.52490913
Todee Larmie Village 20-02-2020 6.6574345 -10.5382923
Todee Manyakia Town 20-02-2020 6.754435 -10.48880667
Todee Monneh Town 20-02-2020 6.719838333 -10.49617167
Todee Natee Town 20-02-2020 6.759761667 -10.52836667
Todee Nyenpue 20-02-2020 6.6357555 -10.53672
Todee Nyenpue Town 20-02-2020 6.6357489 -10.5367375
Todee Saimia Village 20-02-2020 6.759678717 -10.52841305
Todee Sangbeh Tue Town 20-02-2020 6.6543227 -10.5407243
Todee Sumo Town 20-02-2020 6.748325 -10.50212667
Todee Torwah Town 20-02-2020 6.759761667 -10.52809667
Todee Tutufa Village 20-02-2020 6.759616483 -10.52835405
Todee Tutufar Village 20-02-2020 6.759661667 -10.52840667
Todee Vanny Town 20-02-2020 6.6765753 -10.5391428
Todee Watts Town 20-02-2020 6.722312433 -10.52039498
Todee Zolodee Town 20-02-2020 6.752873333 -10.49158167
Todee Ben Johnson 21-02-2020 6.814570533 -10.53358518
Todee Darkina Village 21-02-2020 6.6882483 -10.5450867
Todee Dennis Farm 21-02-2020 6.80356745 -10.55470552
Todee John Howard 21-02-2020 6.78731 -10.53557
Todee Joy Joy Ma 21-02-2020 6.6699548 -10.5135853
Todee Karbo Town 21-02-2020 6.781480817 -10.51036578
Todee Kpanajuah Town 21-02-2020 6.788795 -10.50738833
Todee Kulajah Town 21-02-2020 6.792936667 -10.50483167
Todee Larma Village 21-02-2020 6.79163 -10.53939333
Todee Lorma Village 21-02-2020 6.791562267 -10.5393227
Todee Mano Village 21-02-2020 6.663933 -10.5102543
Todee Natee 2 Town 21-02-2020 6.800471667 -10.540255
Todee Perry Village 21-02-2020 6.6728781 -10.5021465
Todee Play Play Village 21-02-2020 6.6661954 -10.5055267
Todee Rather Village 21-02-2020 6.799632333 -10.53755227
Todee Samukai Town 21-02-2020 6.6737461 -10.5013347
Todee Taeweh Washington’S Town 21-02-2020 6.714846967 -10.53284702
Todee Takpor Village 21-02-2020 6.6757613 -10.5033448
Todee Tarquoi Town 21-02-2020 6.7772864 -10.51767827
Todee Yarkpai Village 21-02-2020 6.662923 -10.5100161
Todee Bono Kani 22-02-2020 6.7752013 -10.5059438
Todee Damiwellie Town 22-02-2020 6.77720945 -10.49216228
Todee David Town 22-02-2020 6.771693767 -10.49830397
Todee Diral Farm 22-02-2020 6.796896233 -10.50298497
Todee Duncan’S Farm 22-02-2020 6.777148667 -10.49224245
Todee Dural Farm 22-02-2020 6.796884417 -10.50289592
Todee Edward Bess Town 22-02-2020 6.761203333 -10.50155167
Todee Foukpah Village 22-02-2020 6.796246667 -10.49864667
Todee Gbalatuse Village 22-02-2020 6.642191667 -10.51898188
Todee Glikpah Town 22-02-2020 6.796662667 -10.49886872
Todee Isaac Mulbah Town 22-02-2020 6.743289383 -10.45783242
Todee Jenneh Towm 22-02-2020 6.6381511 -10.5137248
Todee Modoba Village 22-02-2020 6.73858455 -10.4676338
Todee Morris Sirleaf 22-02-2020 6.795831833 -10.5027168
Todee Peter Howard 22-02-2020 6.780001333 -10.48136967
Todee Pizeh Town 22-02-2020 6.757446667 -10.50344167
Todee Robert Town 22-02-2020 6.731499817 -10.47108293
Todee Sir Leaf Town 22-02-2020 6.7651512 -10.50229878
Todee Yaffa Town 22-02-2020 6.6456802 -10.5169918
Todee Bulahgue Town 24-02-2020 6.7166696 -10.4626466
Todee Gbejay Town 24-02-2020 6.7296245 -10.4648662
Todee Kimue Town 24-02-2020 6.711886667 -10.46319167
Todee Kpah Town 24-02-2020 6.704109 -10.4629219
Todee Mcgill Fram 24-02-2020 6.7224366 -10.4335616
Todee Moses Papmore 24-02-2020 6.7081398 -10.46393
Todee Mulbah Towm 24-02-2020 6.738514383 -10.46760992
Todee Panzou Town 24-02-2020 6.7275012 -10.4591839
Todee Sunday 24-02-2020 6.731035 -10.47793333
Todee Talons Town 24-02-2020 6.7192709 -10.4646188
Todee Author Town 25-02-2020 6.64259865 -10.46195825
Todee Beadee Town 25-02-2020 6.606171717 -10.43453698
Todee Dickson 25-02-2020 6.64806765 -10.470851
Todee Joekplee Town 25-02-2020 6.601033333 -10.428085
Todee Johnson Town 25-02-2020 6.64669695 -10.47222045
Todee Kokolu Village 25-02-2020 6.6527217 -10.49287318
Todee Kpanalolo Town 25-02-2020 6.6106773 -10.4583157
Todee Manjoe Town 25-02-2020 6.650635317 -10.46909085
Todee Morris Town 25-02-2020 6.63311325 -10.45955823
Todee Sammie Town 25-02-2020 6.608556717 -10.43842002
Todee Tutu Town 25-02-2020 6.6126666 -10.4480381
Todee Volwoo Town 25-02-2020 6.650651667 -10.486355
Todee Baigola Towm 26-02-2020 6.754637067 -10.45502415
Todee Dorleh Farm 26-02-2020 6.7599343 -10.47469365
Todee Kpardes Town 26-02-2020 6.753204983 -10.44477092
Todee Tools Town 26-02-2020 6.769715817 -10.41641558
Todee Bankaroll Town 27-02-2020 6.65310635 -10.45691903
Todee Bimah Town 27-02-2020 6.726337867 -10.44758333
Todee Coffee Farm 27-02-2020 6.5573102 -10.4052123
Todee Gbandi Town 27-02-2020 6.664516833 -10.45987578
Todee Gbango Towm 27-02-2020 6.5531489 -10.4259535
Todee Gorzuardia Town 27-02-2020 6.648857867 -10.45868575
Todee Jamse Brooks 27-02-2020 6.5536423 -10.4178579
Todee Kaigbo Village 27-02-2020 6.5971693 -10.4010117
Todee Mantoe Town 27-02-2020 6.657183833 -10.45305737
Todee Qui Towm 27-02-2020 6.552662 -10.4323576
Todee Sando Town 27-02-2020 6.664320283 -10.45850822
Todee Singbeh Lon Towm 27-02-2020 6.5554299 -10.4204097
Todee Tayepar 27-02-2020 6.6014039 -10.3999513
Todee Vaikai Towm 27-02-2020 6.5977915 -10.4134272
Todee Wold Bank2 27-02-2020 6.589594933 -10.40493062
Todee Zontodonvillage 27-02-2020 6.667083483 -10.46210127
Todee Nyarquie Town 28-02-2020 6.756515167 -10.48087748
Todee Carter Town 29-02-2020 6.77461125 -10.45164255
Todee Kiayeavillage 29-02-2020 6.762432417 -10.46343498
Todee Muika Farm 29-02-2020 6.76832215 -10.4783611
Todee Yelejuah Town 29-02-2020 6.757900567 -10.4531365
Todee Danmore Town 01-03-2020 6.53595325 -10.45870438
Todee Back Setoman 26-03-2020 6.429445 -10.695765
Todee Baima Village 26-03-2020 6.6830658 -10.420726
Todee Company Camp 26-03-2020 6.748949767 -10.40813202
Todee Dan Town 26-03-2020 6.397031667 -10.68891833
Todee Domayer’S Town 26-03-2020 6.694856833 -10.41973745
Todee Gibson Town 26-03-2020 6.70459035 -10.42139575
Todee Kokar Town 26-03-2020 6.4178 -10.690345
Todee Kpolon Town 26-03-2020 6.6814965 -10.415347
Todee Lama Town 26-03-2020 6.44059 -10.705895
Todee Louisiana Cassava Hill Community 26-03-2020 6.411823333 -10.71114333
Todee Pepper Village 26-03-2020 6.41981 -10.688975
Todee Power Town 26-03-2020 6.416605 -10.69678167
Todee Smowood Town 26-03-2020 6.731406417 -10.41713565
Todee Vessal Town 26-03-2020 6.7361626 -10.41818192
Todee Worwor Town 26-03-2020 6.412911667 -10.68936833
Todee Yargapue Town 26-03-2020 6.690306683 -10.4193888
Todee Bono Mamay Town 27-03-2020 6.69532475 -10.45602807
Todee Jimmy Town 27-03-2020 6.686970617 -10.45110835
Todee Mitta Town 27-03-2020 6.6747966 -10.44223268
Todee Nargowah Town 27-03-2020 6.677673117 -10.42659203
Todee Sickie Town 27-03-2020 6.68386625 -10.44445683
Todee Tamba Town 27-03-2020 6.6760327 -10.44810775
Todee Tumay Town 27-03-2020 6.664281067 -10.43317712
Todee Yarwayeh Town 27-03-2020 6.672706917 -10.43830763
Todee Anthony 28-03-2020 6.445318333 -10.67564833
Todee Baby Town 28-03-2020 6.384823333 -10.68339667
Todee Gotolor Town 28-03-2020 6.417401667 -10.68675833
Todee Jacque Town 28-03-2020 6.386598333 -10.682975
Todee Jarwolo Town 28-03-2020 6.445318333 -10.67564833
Todee Massah Jun 28-03-2020 6.416548333 -10.68070833
Todee Solor Town 28-03-2020 6.41328 -10.68377333
Todee Via Community 28-03-2020 6.401871667 -10.68210167
Todee Afried Village 29-03-2020 6.353483333 -10.61783667
Todee Bracon Village 29-03-2020 6.35113 -10.618665
Todee Careers Village 29-03-2020 6.380535 -10.658075
Todee Dennis Town 29-03-2020 6.391893333 -10.65519167
Todee Roberson Town 29-03-2020 6.380061667 -10.65623
Todee Robert Village 29-03-2020 6.379328333 -10.65501