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Dobang Kunda School Water Project—The Gambia

Dobong Kunda School was the direct result of a Peace Corps volunteer working with the community to advocate with the Ministry on behalf of the community’s children. Since its founding as a 3-classroom school in 2013, it has grown to an enrollment of 44 …

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Yurok Nation Water Filter Project – Northern California

This project is made possible with the partnership of Water Charity & The Yurok Nation Location Yurok Nation, Humboldt County, Northwest California, USA Community Description Yurok Indian Reservation is located fr …

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Conclusion Of Barrio Tierra Linda Water Project – Mexico

Barrio Tierra Linda Water Project Final Report It is the dry season in the Sierra Madre, the time when people suffer the hardships caused by the extreme scarcity of water.  Nevertheless, for the first time, the people in Barrio Tierra Linda are fe …

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Jarra West Handpump Tour—The Gambia

JARRA WEST, LOWER RIVER REGION Households in Jarra West district are highly vulnerable to food insecurity, which can be attributed to the fact that many of the households in the districts are not strictly agrarian. The main economic activity is trade, …

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Barrio Tierra Linda Water Project – Mexico

Barrio Tierra Linda Meeting

Location: Motozintla, Chiapas, Mexico Description of the Community: Tierra Linda, Beautiful Place, is the name the residents gave to their neighborhood on the outskirts of the mountain town of Motozintla in Chiapas, Mexico. Their homes are located on t …

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Jarra Central Handpump Repair & Handwashing Tour—The Gambia

Lower River Region’s Jarra Central Handpump Repair Tour Water Charity’s Lower River Region water remediation tourseeks to repair fivevillage handpumpsinThe Gambia’s Jarra Central District, an important region for inter-territorial trade and movement be …

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Njie-Kunda-Anchored 6-village Well Rehabilitation Tour—The Gambia

SIX VILLAGES: Njie Kunda, Mutabbeh, Sareh-Molloh, Tumanni-Fatty, Taimantu Sinchu-kulairu, Sareh Batchi Location of Project Njie Kunda, Central River Region, Fulladu West, The Gambia Description of Project Community Located just south of the Gambian Riv …

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Water For Everyone – an initiative of Water Charity

Water Charity is leading a bold initiative that uses GIS mapping to organize border-to-border campaigns to provide water-scarce regions with access to clean water: for now, in Liberia, Togo, The Gambia, The Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Klamath …

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Kiang East Handpump Repair and HandWashing Tour—The Gambia

In Kiang East, as in the rest of rural The Gambia, declining per capita food production has been a long-standing problem. This problem is compounded by a projected near-doubling of the country population. The situation is particularly worrisome in rura …

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To the G3 Foundation: THANK YOU FOR DONATING TO…..

Kyanguli Secondary School Rainwater Harvesting Project – Phase 2 – Kenya This project included completing a rainwater harvesting system by installing gutters to capture the water that runs off of the classrooms, and piping it to the newly installed tan …

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