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Lower Saloum District Handpump Repair Tour Phase 1—The Gambia

Lower Saloum District is part of the McCarthy Island Division on the north bank of the Gambia River. The three largest ethnic groups: the Wollof, the Mandinka, and the Fula. In The Gambia, one household or a cluster of households forms a compound, a un …

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Sabach Sanjal District Rehab Tour Phase 1—The Gambia

Sabach Sanjal District is located in the eastern part of the North Bank Region of The Gambia on latitude 13 35′ 0” N and longitude 15 26′ 0” W. The district has the river Gambia at its southern part and borders with Senegal at its northern part. Sabach …

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Nianija District Handpump Repair Tour Phase 2—The Gambia

Nianija is one of the ten districts of the Central River Division of the Gambia. Nanija is a predominantly Pulaar-speaking region of the Gambia. There are approximately 33 villages in Nianija, the capital of which is Chamen, located at the district’s w …

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Restoration and Protection of Bofedales Project – Peru

Project Summary The Chijnaya Foundation was created in 2005 to support community-led projects in the Peruvian altiplano, with the goal of helping indigenous communities improve their economic and cultural wellbeing. Currently, the Foundation and its Pe …

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Kiang West Handpump Repair and Handwashing Tour Phase II-The Gambia

See our Kiang West Handpump Repair Tour Phase I Missira Tenda; GPS: N13°18.140  W016°11.156; Population: 800 Missira Tenda is located at the edge of the River Gambia after crossing from Bintang Bolong, via Foni Bintang Karanai. It is a Mandinka co …

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Vo District 5 New Hand-dug Wells Project – Togo

Our five new wells will be built in the Vo District in the Maritime Region of Togo. The Map to the left shows all of the broken wells in the district. This project is a collaboration with our partner organization Sauvons la Vie-Togo (SV-TOGO), which is …

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Nianija Handpump Repair and Handwashing Tour—The Gambia

As part of the Nianija handpump tour, we will rehabilitate ten wells in ten separate villages. Nianija is one of the ten districts of the Central River Division of the Gambia. Nianija is a predominantly Pulaar-speaking region of the Gambia. There are a …

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Annual Partnership Conference – Togo, April 2021

Water Charity debuted their Annual Partnership Conference in Togo in April of 2021. Having wrapped up our extensive Countrywide Village Assessments program in early 2020, and with Togo rebounding after a long shutdown due to COVID-19, the desire to gat …

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Handwashing & Hygiene Initiative – COVID-19 Relief in Kpalime, Plateaux, Togo

Phase One   The Coronavirus pandemic has created challenges across the globe and affected populations in every continent, region, and country. An opportunity we found to work amid these challenges was in reinforcing hygiene and sanitatio …

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Handwashing & Hygiene Initiative – COVID-19 Relief in Lome, Maritime, Togo

SV-TOGO team members based in the capital of Togo, Lome, have been hard at work to figure out cost-effective ways to provide relief during the Coronavirus outbreak to some of the hard hit areas – notably under-funded hospitals and clinics around Lome.  …

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