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Water For Everyone — Klamath

At the end of July, after working with the Yurok tribe in the past, Water Charity heard that some of its members were served a boil water notice. The water was not safe to drink without boiling it. Working with Sawyer Water Filters, Water Charity ensur …

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Water for Everyone – The Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) comprises a series of 29 coral atolls and five islands in the Pacific just north of the equator. This tiny republic of some 53,000 inhabitants has major water supply challe …

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Water For Everyone—Togo

Water for Everyone is a border-to-border initiative encompassing Liberia, The Gambia, and Togo – to provide safe water to the entire population. In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly agreed upon 17 Sustainable Development Goals. S …

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Water for Everyone—Liberia

Our Water for Everyone Initiative was created to provide basic access to safe water to every person in 3 West African countries, Liberia, Togo, and The Gambia, by the end of 2023. These countries have a total population of about 15 million people …

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Kiang Central Handpump Repair Tour Phase II—The Gambia

Handpump Repairs and Hand Washing Stations for 5 villages: Bambako, Jiroff, Kundong Numu Kunda, Tabanani, & Wurokang The Lower River Division (LRD) is divided into six districts: Jarra Central, Jarra East, Jarra West, Kiang Central, Kiang East, and …

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Niamina West Well Rehabilitation and Handwashing Tour—The Gambia

The Niamina West Well Rehabilitation and Handwashing Tour will fix wells in eight villages. Niamina West is among the 11 districts of Central River Region of The Gambia. It is bordered with Jarra East District and stretches fro …

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Rancheria El Horizonte y Los Cocos Community Water Project – Mexico

This project has been finished. To see the conclusion, CLICK HERE… Location: Three kilometers SW of Belisario Dominguez, Chiapas, Mexico, on the Pacific side of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Ejido Ampliación Arenal Problem to be addressed: Build a new …

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Passy Chally Village and Health Clinic Solar-Powered Water Project—The Gambia

Houja smiles as she finally gets her bucket full of water–even though the water is un-healthy to drink. Passy Chally Village, Upper Niumi District, North Bank Region, The Gambia. West Africa; GPS Coordinates: N13°29.983   W016°17.443 DE …

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Dobang Kunda School Water Project—The Gambia

Dobong Kunda School was the direct result of a Peace Corps volunteer working with the community to advocate with the Ministry on behalf of the community’s children. Since its founding as a 3-classroom school in 2013, it has grown to an enrollment of 44 …

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Yurok Nation Water Filter Project – Northern California

This project is made possible with the partnership of Water Charity & The Yurok Nation Location Yurok Nation, Humboldt County, Northwest California, USA Community Description Yurok Indian Reservation is located fr …

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