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Project : Base - Water Charity Partnership

Chamonix Wingsuit Brigade

PROJECT BASE H2O - Water Charity Partnership (& Peer To Peer Fundraising Challenge):


Meet wingsuit fliers Sam Hardy & Nate Jones: 



These guys are the gravity defying BASE jumpers who comprise PROJECT BASE H2O. Sam, from England, and Nate, from Australia, are leading enthusiasts of a relatively new sport, a type of base jumping that uses "flying squirrel" type wingsuits to allow them to fly & glide through the air and perform aerial manoeuvres; human birds one could say.  As cool as that is, this isn't all they are up to.  They also do charity work!

As they globe trot and soar in far-flung locales, these rockstars actually take time to fund and implement water projects where they go.  We met them as they were doing a project in Ethiopia, where Water Charity was working as well, and we decided that working together would be a great idea.  We, as an established WASH development organization, can help them do bigger and more efficient projects, as well as handle the donations, leaving them to focus on what they do best... flying, and helping people in a spectacular fashion.  


Check out the video below to see the full story from Mission Ethiopia, where they were flying in Simien National Park.

On World Water Day - March 22nd 2015 - Sam and Nathan did the first ever wingsuit flight in The Simien Mountains National Park, while they were on their Project : BASE charity mission in Ethiopia. Sam and Nathan raised $11,000 to benefit the local communities near to the BASE jumping locations.  Their donations went towards building a new water well and refurbishment of an old water well in Miligebsa. They also built a new water well in the Amhara region that was completed in summer 2016, and delivered 20 "one world" footballs to 4 local schools, and furnished a satellite school with new school furniture.

Now, Water Charity and Project : Base are working together to create new projects for them to do.  We are planning to distribute and install high-quality water filters to the nearby villages when they fly in places with water issues.  This is an extension of Water Charity's very successful Filters for Life Program and is focusing on the Sawyer "dialysis style" water filters.  You can read about the technology on the Fitlters For Life page.  To support this work, use the DONATE button below, and give generously.  We will update this page with photos and footage as it comes in, as well as start new pages for the individual projects they undertake.

Access to clean, running water is something that most of us take for granted; and yet across the world, water-related diseases affect more than 1.5 billion people every year. The wings 4 water filter is able to clean over 1 thousand litres of water per day and a single filter can easily be shared between 4-6 households which has a lifespan of over 3.75 million litres when maintained. 

We will leave you with this stunning shot of Nathan coming in for the world's first human flight hi-five!  

Highest Hi 5 (Wingsuit)
Please check out their work and BASE jumping via :


While you can donate and help fundraise via the widget above, the main Fundraising Campaign Page can be found HERE (with Facebook comments, more P2P interaction and Social Media Share features)

​You can also donate via PayPal:

Project Base Wingsuit Night Flight

Funds Needed : 

Cambodia Water and Sanitation Program

Cambodia Water and Sanitation Program

We are pleased to announce the implementation of our new Cambodia Water and Sanitation Program. The first phase of the program is budgeted at $60,000. Funding has already been received from a U.S.-based foundation in the amount of $25,000.

The program is being implemented at once, with the intention of raising the remaining funds through donations and grants over the next several months. This will allow for a regular and continuing flow of projects over the coming year.

The program seeks to complete 20 water, sanitation, public health, and environmental projects in the neediest rural villages of Cambodia. The projects will be cost-effective, using appropriate technology and local labor. They will be administered by Peace Corps Volunteers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Each project will be planned and implemented quickly and completed in a matter of months.

Many of the project will be aimed at creating conditions that further the goal of allowing girls to go to, and remain in, school, and will be included under our Let Girls Learn Initiative - Worldwide.

Today, there are over 100 Peace Corp volunteers stationed in Cambodian villages. In addition, there are over 400 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in the country since 2007, some of whom will be available to manage projects.

Cambodia Water and Sanitation ProgramThe Cambodia Water and Sanitation Program is designed to counteract the following conditions:

6.3 million out of 14.9 million Cambodians are unable to access clean drinking water, most of them poor and living in rural areas.

The lack of access to clean water leaves Cambodian children vulnerable to diseases, such as diarrhea, the second leading cause of death among children under five.

40% of primary schools and 35% of health centers in the country do not have access to safe water and sanitation.

Water Charity was started in 2008, and projects began in Cambodia in 2009. Since then, 76 projects have been completed in the country, including wells, pumps, latrines, handwashing stations, water systems, rainwater catchment systems and towers, along with filter projects, agriculture projects and solar/environmental projects.

The new program follows the model of our extremely successful WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia, which was completed in 2015 

We are seeking donations from foundations, other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals who recognize the value of our model. Please direct any questions you may have to mail (at) watercharity.org, or contribute now by clicking on the Donate button below.

Funds Needed : 

Water Tank Program - Uganda

Water Tank Program - Uganda

With the implementation of our 5th water tank project in Uganda (our 13th project overall in Uganda), we introduce our latest large-scale Water Charity program. Water Tank Program – Uganda will be a concentrated effort to raise funds for and implement an ongoing series of water storage tanks in the country.

The need for water storage capability in rural Uganda is huge, with only 55% of the population of the country having access to safe water. Often there is no public water source.

Water tanks represent an important tool in the arsenal to make safe water available to all. As part of a rainwater harvesting system, it allows water to be collected when available and stored for use as needed.

There are many different technologies than can be used to construct water tanks, and many factors to be considered in the choice in every situation. Cost, local materials available, skilled labor, and local preferences are but a few.  The majority of these projects are being done with a very impressive ISSB (soil bricks) lo-technology you can read about here: Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks Water Tank Program – Uganda

Water Charity has implemented many water tank projects in different countries of the world. In Uganda, with the start of our newest project, here are our accomplishments:

You can see how important water tanks are to the health and wellbeing of the population. Because of the high impact of such projects, in addition to the relative ease of implementation, we decided to engage in a focused fundraising campaign to continue to do projects of this type elsewhere in the country.

We will continue to build tanks as quickly as funding will allow. If you agree with our approach please give generously to program by clicking on the Donate button below. Your contributions, as always, are tax-deductible. 100% of all donations are applied directly to projects in the field.



Funds Needed : 

52 Pumps in 52 Weeks Program - Senegal

52 Pumps in 52 Weeks Program - Senegal

This is a program being undertaken by Water Charity in partnership with Peace Corps Senegal. The tremendously ambitious objective is to build 52 water pumps in Senegal in 52 weeks!

The program is being implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers Marcie Todd and Garrison Harward. The technology is the tried-and-proven rope pump system. It is inexpensive, provides a sizable output, is easy to build using local materials, and is simple to maintain.

Marcie demonstrated the technology in the Usine Coton Rope Pump Project - Senegal.

Marcie and Garrison explain the benefits:

It is our hope that these pumps will ease the difficulty and increase the overall speed of pulling water, freeing women to either expand their agricultural production, thereby increasing their food security and economic independence, or allow them to engage in secondary income generating activities for which they may previously not have had the time to explore.

You will be able to follow the 52 Projects in 52 Weeks Blog that has been developed and will be maintained by Marcie and Garrison.

One pump will be built each week in the Kolda and Kaolack regions of Senegal. We will put up a project page with a simple description of each project, and refer you back to the blog for a more complete description.

You may “adopt” a pump on a first-come-first-served basis. We will post a new well each week on the Water Charity website. If you click on the Donate button it is yours for $150. That means you can dedicate it, name it, tell your friends about it, or do what you want to with it.

(The first 21 pumps were priced at $100 each. The new price of $150 is closer to the actual cost for a pump, as it includes pay for the skilled workers who are actually doing the installations.)

Come back to this page as we add a new project each week!

If you would like to make a general donation of any amount to the 52 Pumps in 52 Weeks Program, you may do so by clicking on the Donate button below. Any donations above the actual program costs will be used to fund other projects in Senegal.

We are grateful to the following for their generous donations of $500 for the program:

David Allen, of Ojai, CA, USA

Ram Sareen, of Los Angeles, CA, USA

CannedWater4Kids, of Sussex, WI, USA


Funds Needed : 
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