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WATER CHARITY, in collaboration with the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION, announces the establishment of our
TRAINING & SUPPORT INITIATIVE (TSI) as a major programmatic component of Water Charity's assistance to Peace Corps Volunteers.

The primary objective of TSI is to empower Peace Corps, through its  Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) around the world, to implement all water, sanitation, and public health projects that they determine are needed in the locations where they live and work by providing them with support, training, and funding.

We are moving from our current mode of providing support to PCVs when their project planning is well underway back to the point where we enter the planning at the conceptualization stage.  This will be costly, and we are presently seeking major funding to support this initiative.


Face-to-Face training is of five types:

  • In-country training for serving PCVs and Peace Corps staff upon invitatiion from the Country Director 
  • Training to NGOs and local governments in tandem with PCVs
  • Training in the U.S. for Peace Corps nominees who are awaiting their deployment
  • Training in the U.S. for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) with relevant subject-matter competence to equip them to help Water Charity staff to conduct training (Train the Trainers)
  • Training for RPCVs in the direct implementation of Water Charity projects

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In addition to the personal training described above, three types of support are provided to PCVs and Peace Corps staff:

·       Remote support by teleconference in the following areas:

o   Technical areas of water, sanitation, and public health

o   Project planning, implementation, management and evaluation

o   Securing and managing project funds

·       A staffed help desk allows PCVs to quickly obtain technical information regarding evaluation of needs, appropriate technology, and resource sourcing.  Subject matter experts and country-specific specialists (including RPCVs) provide support and mentoring.

·       An open-source repository for self help is being developed to include:

o   A  database of needs in specific geographic areas

o   A catalog of resources available to meet the needs

o   A library of appropriate technologies

Water Charity has implemented 2,800 projects in 67 countries since 2008. 

TSI is breaking new ground in bringing RPCVs into the process to help serving PCVs.  With over 7,000 PCVs in the world, all capable of doing water, sanitation, and public health projects, the opportunities are enormous.  With a potential help force of over 215,000 RPCVs, the resources are gigantic.

NOTE: To see all the projects associated with our TSI, CLICK HERE.  They can also be found by searching for the TSI taxonomy or clicking on the TSI hyperlink below.

Carolyn Daly, Guatemala

Bruce Kelsey, Cambodia















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