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Lamore Spring Rehabilitation Project - Ethiopia

Current state of the Lamore Spring

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This project, to rebuild the Lamore spring so as to provide water for Doyogena, is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

LocationJerry Cans waiting for water
Lamore Spring in the Doyogena Woreda, Kambatta-Tambaro Zone, Ethiopia

Community Description

Doyogena is a beautiful welcoming community. It is a highland area surrounded by scenic mountains and greenery. The local plant, known as inset, and also known as false banana, can be seen in abundance through the land and along the roads. 


Doyogena is the woreda center town of the Doyogena Woreda. Doyogena has 17 kebeles, 13 rural and 4 urban. This woreda is fairly recent, only being established as its own woreda about 7 years ago. Doyogena is located in the Kambaata-Tambaro region, and the local language spoken is Kambatina.

Lamore Spring is found approximately 1 km from the Doyogena town center, and 170 km from the regional capital, Hawassa. Lamore is a natural spring, the water source coming from the ground. In 1986 a small reservoir was constructed to store the natural spring water, and allow it to be distributed to the community. At that time, it was estimated to serve more than 700 people. 

Problem Addressed

There have been many challenges with the reservoir built in 1986. First, it was not fully enclosed, so the water being stored was easily contaminated by rain water. Second, the reservoir built out of concrete has developed a hole that has increased in size over time, so that no water is able to be properly stored in the current reservoir. Third, the population in the town has greatly increased, and it is estimated that over 2,000 people are coming to this reservoir as a source for water. 


Hole in the encasment

Due to the small size, unenclosed reservoir, and giant hole, the water is contaminated and unclean. The community members often wait overnight in order to fill their “jerry cans" with the slow dripping water from the pipe connected to the natural spring. The discharge of the spring has been getting higher, and the collection chamber is not able to reserve enough water to satisfy the increasing demand of the society. The community also faces a shortage of the main water supply in the town. There is no money for them to budget for the much-needed repairs.  The leaky pipes, broken enclosure, and contamination of this water source are a source of consternation for all the people of the region.

Project Description

The proposed solution for the Lamore spring rehabilitation is to build a new reservoir, holding container for the natural spring water. The reservoir will have a capacity of 10,000 liters, and will be have a concrete foundation. There will be 4 faucets out of one outlet so that 4 different people can access it at one time. It will be fully enclosed to ensure that the water stays clean and avoids contamination from rain water/ other natural elements. The new reservoir will be built in an open area of land next to the natural spring, and will be connected by pipe to the current pipeline. 


The project includes:

-Cleaning the capping box area

-Rehabilitating the existing collection chamber

-Constructing the existing water point

-Making a drainage line to take the spilled water

-Constructing a protective fence around the water point


Much of the planning on the project was done by Melody Halzel, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.


Long view of the spring as it is now.

Project Impact
By restoring the Lamore spring, and creating a new reservoir to hold the water, the community (over 2,000 in population) will greatly benefit.
Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Helen Boxwill, Executive Director of H2 Empower.
Monitoring and Maintenance
There will be a community board set up to oversee the project. The members of this board will include a community liaison, the water office director, two local engineers from the water office, two local elders, and one neighbor whose land is next to the current Lamore spring.
The community board will maintain the improvements, and make all necessary repairs.
The community will donate 10% of the proposed budget. The community will also build a fence from local materials to provide safety and security for the new reservoir. The community will also provide a “waiter”, or person who will keep the community members in line while they fetch the water. This will help to avoid overcrowding, fighting, or any destruction to the new reservoir.  

This project has been funded by an anonymous donor.  If you would like to see more projects like this, please donate to the East Africa Water & Sanitation Program.

Waiting for water at Lamore Spring, EthiopiaCurrent state of the spring at Lamore, Ethiopia
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