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High School Latrine Project - Ethiopia

High School Latrine Project - Ethiopia

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This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

High School Latrine Project - EthiopiaLocation
This project summary has been redacted for security reasons to omit the specific project location.

Xxxxxx, Tenta Woreda, South Wello, East Amhara, Ethiopia

Community Description
Xxxxxx is considered the central town in the Tenta region of East Amhara, Ethiopia, and is surrounded by six other communities. As the central town, it holds the only source of secondary education for the town of Xxxxxx and all of the surrounding six communities.

Due to the large community capacity of the area, Xxxxxx High School is ranked as the number one provider of education in the entire zone of South Wello. It supports the education of 3,221 students (1,385 female), 131 teachers, and 16 administrative staff.

Problem Addressed
Xxxxxx High School is deficient in hygienic latrine and wash facilities, especially for the female students.

The high school age is a particularly trying time for female students and this is the critical juncture, in their educational experience, where it has been shown that they tend to fall behind in their class work, attendance starts to decline, and drop-out rates increase. One reason for this decline is the lack of support at the school level when they have their monthly menstruation.

Currently, Xxxxxx High School only has one latrine, with four stalls, for the entire population of the 1,385 female students. This lack of a sufficient latrine facility and water source, for cleaning menstrual pads, is one deterrent for the attendance of female students.

High School Latrine Project - EthiopiaProject Description
The aim of this project is to construct one latrine and one hygienic wash facility for the female students of Xxxxxx High School.

The latrine will be comprised of eight stalls and a wash facility for the female students to use to wash their menstrual pads and to stay clean.

The project will also provide a water source for the school garden.

The PCV will work in conjunction with the Education Bureau, Youth Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Water Bureau, and the High School administration to supervise the construction of the facility and to provide permagarden training and nutrition training.

Water Charity funds will pay for the materials and skilled labor. The community will provide local materials and unskilled labor.

Project Impact
1,385 female students will benefit directly from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
S. Alemayehu

Monitoring and Maintenance
The school administrative team will add the expenses for the new bathroom facility to their yearly budget, and pay for continued maintenance.

Funds from the school garden will help pay for upkeep and the purchase of provisions.

Let Girls Learn
This project addresses the need for girls to have safe and sanitary bathroom facilities, and creates a situation where it is easier for them to go to and remain in school. Thus, it comes under the Let Girls Learn program. 

This project has been paid for by an anonymous donor.


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