Call To Nature Permaculture Tree Planting Project II - Ghana

Local Kids - Ghana

This project is to raise, plant, and maintain 20,000 trees near Accra, Ghana.  It is made possible by the partnership of WATER CHARITY & the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION

Project Location:
Villagers discussing the projectThis project will be implemented in an area that stretches from Pokromu (village) to Gyankamah (village), all in the eastern part of Ghana which shares a border with the capital city of Accra.

Community Description:
Trees will be planted along the APAPOMU river that has its source from Pokromu, runs through Gyankamah, and finally into the ocean in Accra. This location was identified through a search to determine communities that face a huge water challenges during the dry season in the country. After the search, it was determined that the high level drying of rivers was a result of lack of trees to provide a heavy canopy to prevent evaporation during the hot and dry seasons.
Description of Problem:
The community is feeling the impact of draught, caused by a changing climate.  To remediate the effects, and plan for the future, an increase in the number of trees is required, with concentration on placement to maximize benefit. 
Project Description:
The project is to raise 20,000 Cedrela tree seedlings, and plant them along the Apapomu river bank.
The Cedrela tree was chosen for this project because of the following: fast growing, evergreen, resists drought, heavy canopy formation, food and medicinal benefits, and many more.
The trees are to be planted at 10 feet apart on both sides of the river to allow a heavy canopy formation in a short period.  This will help prevent the evaporation during the hot dry weather periods. 

The project will be done as a partnership involving schools, churches and the general public coming together out of mutual self-interest to achieve a successful future outcome in the region. The project will bring together about 500 participants during planting period, with 50 people working at a time over a 10 day period.

Project funds will be spent on the following:Cedrela tree
° 200 bundles of poly bags 
° 1 ton of manure 
° Nursery set 
° Seeds  
° Transportation 
° Feeding for 500 people 
° One year monitoring and maintenance 
The project will proceed as follows::
°Nursery establishment and nursing of seeds 
°Nursery maintenance  
°Distribution and planting 
°Trees maintenance, monitoring and evaluation 
° Project hand over to communities/ government
This project will benefit a population of about 4,800 living in the area.
Volunteer Directing Project
Solomon Amuzu, Founder and Director of Call to Nature Permaculture

Monitoring and Maintenance
After the planting, a selected team together with CTNP will monitor and maintain the trees for a period of years, thereafter handing the project over to the community and the government for further maintenance.

The trees will provide numerous benefits such as:
° Erosion control
° Provision of habitat for aquatic bodies
° Prevention of water and air pollution
° Increase energy conservation
° Food and medicinal benefits
° Result from this project will also serve as educational resource for students and the local people.
Solomon has previously done a tree-planting permaculture project with Water Charity in Ghana together with Peace Corps Volunteer Michael McGaskey.  Click Here to see the 1st Call To Nature Permaculture Tree Planting Project
Dollar Amount of Project
Donations Collected to Date
Dollar Amount Needed
$0 - This project has now been fully funded through the generosity of the Robert Victor Sager and Beatrice Mintz Sager Foundation.
Gyankamah Village, Ghana
Riverside ApapomaApapomu River, Ghana
Funds Needed : 

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