Conclusion of Zanabahona I Water Project – Madagascar

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteers Kristen Walling and Charity Yoro. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to develop a source of water for the community and to repair the aqueduct.

Kristen reports:

The Zanabahona I water project is now complete!

Once the water committee knew the project had been approved, they were ready to start work immediately. While waiting for the funds to be transferred, community members started pitching in by digging holes and trenches where the new equipment was to be laid. The committee met several times to make sure the budget was correct and to distribute various tasks and responsibilities among committee members.

Charity and I gave our input as PCV’s, but the committee is largely self-sufficient and was able to work out for themselves who should be in charge of which tasks. Some members were to be in charge of handling the money and keeping track of receipts; others would go into town to buy equipment; others were responsible for contacting a local technician to assist with repairs and installations.

Once the funds were received, I went into town with a couple of committee members to purchase the supplies needed—pipes, valves, rebar, cement, etc. Over the next two weeks a technician replaced the broken valves and made other adjustments to the system. Committee members assisted with the easier parts of the project such as patching up one of the water sources and mixing cement. Once all of the adjustments were made, faucets were examined to make sure everything was flowing correctly through the system.

In addition to repairing the water system in Zanabahona I, community members were also eager to learn about good hygiene and water & sanitation practices. I gave several informal talks about hand washing, diarrhea prevention, and water treatment. The community was very engaged through all steps of the process from start to finish and are hoping to pursue projects to improve systems in the area.

Although my service is coming to a close, they are eager to work with Peace Corps Volunteers in the future and hope to continue to build on the progress that has already been made with the assistance of Water Charity.

We are grateful to Kristen and Charity for completing this important project, and again wish to thank David and Estrella Davis and other friends and family of Kristen and Charity for providing the funding.