Antanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba Well Project – Madagascar

This project is to build three wells in different communities in northern Madgascar. The project will be carried out under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Rowan Braybrook.

The project will benefit three towns in the commune of Anjangoveratra, district of Sambava: Antanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba, with a total population of 3,419, and no wells.

Residents have to get their water from rivers, streams, and even rice paddies, which are polluted by cow and human waste. Several deaths in the towns in the past year have been attributed to water contamination.

The towns are located next to a new 7,200 hectare forest reserve (Makirovana, or “Save the Lemurs”) that contains endangered flora and fauna, giving additional importance to reducing water pollution, forest incursions, and riverbank erosion.

Almost all residents are subsistence farmers and have little disposable income to financially support a well project on their own. However, well use in nearby towns is high, and ARES, an experienced local organization that has organized teams to build over 50 wells in the last 2 years, has agreed to oversee well construction.

The community will transport materials the long distance from the main road, house and feed construction workers, provide basic building materials that can be found locally, and contribute a number of work hours to the project.

The Mayor’s Office has signed a guarantee stating that the communities will be responsible for providing at least 25% of the material and labor needed. The contract includes a pledge that the wells will be accessible to all, and will be maintained by the townspeople after they are built.

Villagers see the new wells as recognition for their part in forming the forest reserve. Visits by health workers before and after construction will ensure well use and educate residents about the importance of clean water.

Rowan previously successfully completed the Ambodisambalahy and Anjangoveratra Well Improvement Project – Madagascar.

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$0.00 – The Water Charity participation in this project has now been fully funded through the generosity of The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative in collaboration with Positive H2O (+H2O).

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Antanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba Well Project - MadagascarAntanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba Well Project - Madagascar
Antanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba Well Project - MadagascarAntanandava, Anamboafo, and Marolamba Well Project - Madagascar