Conclusion of Krava Health Center Pump Project – Cambodia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica Bedard.
To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Jessica Reports:

Krava Health CenterThanks to your funding we were able to successfully complete the project!  Krava Health Center now has a working well.  We purchased the pump and our health center director completed the installation.  Once access to water had been restored, several staff members worked together to clean out the bathrooms and prepare them to be used by patients. 

All of the bathrooms now have water, and buckets, and are in proper working order.  When women are staying at the center recovering from childbirth they now have access to bathrooms.  We have begun training the families on how to use the toilets, as some families are from very rural areas and are not familiar with how to flush their waste. This was an unexpected addition to the project, but apparently, this knowledge was lacking amongst our patients.

The new working condition of the wells has kick-started a lot of changes within the health center. The director has asked the cleaner to begin using soap and bleach to clean the floors regularly.  This has improved the hygiene in the health center tremendously.  I have conducted a training for all staff about the importance of washing hands and cleaning workspaces regularly with soap and water. I have seen a noticeable improvement in their efforts to do so.

Furthermore, not long after the well motor was installed and these changes began, the director announced he was meeting with the Ministry of Health in order to make some improvements in the center. While I cannot say this for sure, I feel confident that this initiative and desire for further improvements with regard to hygiene and safety started with this grant.  We now have repaired the leaks in the roof, repainted the center, installed a solar panel, and installed two new sinks! One was placed in the vaccination room and one in the recovery room for new mothers. In the attached photos you can see staff and patients using these sinks with the water running, thanks to your motor provision.

Thank you again for your assistance with this project. It has meant a lot to my community.

Jess Bedard

We would like to thank Jessica for executing such a worthy project.  We hope the Krava Health Center will continue to benefit from this work for many years to come.  We again extend our thanks to WHOLE WORLD Water for providing the funding.