Conclusion of Thiangue Case de Sante Borehole Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Tyler Young.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The following is a summary of Tyler’s conclusion report:

 The forage contractor, Mady Cissikho, and his eight-man crew arrived in Thiangue on May 5th, bringing with them a convoy of vehicles carrying all manner of drilling equipment. Once their feet touched Thiangue soil, the team wasted no time making preparations for the next day’s drilling.

The night before the work was set to begin, the contractors met with the chief of Thiangue, Samba Cissikho, and community leaders to discuss what their work would consist of and what the community could do to help insure that the work move forward safely.

At 6:30 am on the morning of May 6th, as the entire village gathered to witness, Cissikho and his crew began drilling. True to their word, once the drilling began, the crew did not stop. Cissikho explained that the work must move hastily to ensure that the bore hole would not cave in and that the water would not become contaminated. The crew operated the drill continuously for two days and one night, working in teams of four per shift.

On the evening of the 7th, the crew hit water… a lot of water. Suddenly a small river was meandering down the path from the village. The children congregated beside the stream, clapping their hands and dancing in excitement. The contractor Cissikho, smiling from ear to ear, turned to me and said: “God has blessed these people and this land with his most precious gift.”

Once they had hit water, the crew continued working late into the night to install the forage cap. After they had finally finished, the men promptly collapsed onto the ground, covered in mud, wearing big smiles and breathing a collective sigh of relief.

On the morning of the 8th, the crew installed the forage pump and poured the cement platform. As I stood there in the morning sun beside Mady Cissikho, we surveyed the work that had been done. Cissikho turned to me and then looked at the pre-school and the village health office which were still under construction. Slowly, Cissikho took my hand and gripped it firmly. “Your village has inspired us” he said “you have shown us your best, and for that, we’ve shown you our best in return.”

In three days Cissikho and his crew had successfully installed the pump forage.

Three days later, when the cement had fully dried, the village congregated around the forage and the beginning of a long celebration ensued.

Two months later, when construction of the Thiangue Case de Sante was completed, as well as renovations to the pre-school, there was cause for even more celebration.

The new Case de Sante, along with the Preschool now have a safe potable water source on-site, meaning improved sanitary conditions at both institutions, improved hygienic practices and access to safe drinking water for the entire community.

Immediately after the forage was completed, the Thiangue Committee de Sante mobilized each household in the village to contribute 5,000 CFA to begin purchasing medicines for the Case de Sante. Within two weeks the community had already collected a sum of 400,000 CFA.

We are grateful to Tyler for completing this important project.