Conclusion of Samarky Primary School Well Project – Cambodia

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This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Bruce Kelsey. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a well at Samarky Primary School.

Bruce reports:

We have completed the Samarky Primary School Well Project in Chum Kiri district, Kampot province, Cambodia.

As planned, we contracted with a local company to drill the well, (including installing the PVC sleeve), pour a concrete slab (with re-direction of waste water run-off), and install the hand pump.

Things didn’t get off to a very smooth start, as the drill rig broke down before it ever reached site. However, after less than a week’s delay, the drilling equipment was repaired and work began. Things went extremely well after that and a plentiful water flow was reached at a depth of 33 meters. (The students were a bit disappointed that things went so quickly, as they found the drilling process very entertaining.)

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A 3-meter by 3 meters concrete slab with a thickness of 10 cm was poured around the PVC well casing, with a mounting platform for the pump and a run-off chute to re-direct the wastewater.

The high-quality hand pump was installed and we are in business! I heard many favorable comments about how ‘klaung’ (strong) the new pump is! Also, many people commented on the good flow and taste of the water produced.

As an unforeseen benefit, the villagers in the 30 houses adjacent to the school were extremely delighted that the new well is there. It will be their primary water supply during the dry season also, so we are benefitting an additional 150 people, in addition to the nearly 500 students and school staff that we originally targeted.

Everyone wanted to extend an extra-special thank you to Mr. Jason Park for his donation to the project. We all hope he can come to see the completed project soon.

Thanks again for all your help and funding in getting the school this well!

We are again grateful to Bruce for completing another exceedingly important project, and to Jason Park for providing the funding.

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