Conclusion of Meanchey Middle School Water Project – Cambodia

The project to build a well at the school has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Valerie Rojas. We are pleased to have had a part in this extremely successful Let Girls Learn project.

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Valerie reports:

Scope of the project and specific work done:
Meanchey middle school now has a well, two hand washing stations, seven water filters and waste bins placed throughout the school. This new equipment, along with education on proper hand washing techniques and how to maintain a clean environment, has worked to achieve a safe, clean environment for teachers and students, preventing the spread of disease and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Work progress:
The work progressed slowly at first, due to the contractor’s busy schedule and inability to work daily. Amazingly, the teachers and students worked tirelessly to finish the project on time, donating their time and work and showing incredible dedication to the project.

Here is an anecdote/reaction from a student:

I have become close to a few 8th grade girls who live nearby and attend my daily English class. They are bright, determined, and always hungry to learn. One Wednesday morning, I saw one of them helping her mom sell vegetables at the market and asked her why she wasn’t in school, she gave me a coy smile and whispered it was her time of the month and the bathrooms in the school weren’t very clean and didn’t have any water so she didn’t feel comfortable going to school. At the time, we were still waiting for funds to come in for this project, so I explained that soon there would be a well to provide water to the bathrooms and hand washing stations so she wouldn’t have to miss school any longer. She smiled brightly and thanked me profusely. A few months later I was working on the finishing touches for the hand washing stations with my counterpart and she came up to us and hugged us saying “It’s beautiful! Thank you, teachers!” Thanks to this project and the hard work of the community and teachers who planned and implemented it, little girls like her won’t have to miss school for days at a time and fall behind on their studies. The middle school now has a clean environment that is trash-free and hygienic.Thank you so much for your support in this project.

We are grateful to Valerie for completing this important project.

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