Conclusion of Mboro Master Farm Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Tim Johnson. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to repair 2 wells in the community.

Tim reports:

The Mboro Master Farm well project has been completed.

The bottom well was extended and sand was filled around the exterior to create a more stable, long-lasting structure. This created more planting space which has been devoted for training purposes.

The middle well was repaired to last many more rainy seasons. A basin was built after the middle well with a PVC extension for easier filling and watering. Additionally some changes will be made around that well with tree growth to prevent further damage.

The whole process took only 3 weeks from planning to completion due to the fast actions of Water Charity. After materials were purchased and transported to the field the bricks were made. After that a well mason specialist came to the field and extended the bottom well while sealing the structure with a special waterproof cement. The middle well was repaired by another man and the basin was built by him as well. The rains have not yet come but when they do the field is now ready for it.

Overall the project was a great success and will allow for many future trainings in Mboro.

Coming up are two small scale demonstrations on composting and field crop methods. In September there will be an open field day during which 50 local farmers will come to learn about Peace Corps farming methods. All has been made possible by keeping these water structures in working capacity.

The Peace Corps Master Farmer, Cheikh Senghor had this to say, “The work here is beautiful. I’m very content. My wells are now ready for many more years of work.”

Thanks so much for your commitment to Senegal and water projects here. This will truly make a difference in our community, the way people farm, and future food security.

We are grateful to Tim for completing this excellent project and again thank the donors who have contributed to date.