Conclusion of House of Love Children’s Home Water Project – Jamaica

This project to help the youth of Jamaica has been completed under the direction of Sol Adventurers Foundation’s Executive Director, Roseanne Ware

The project was to build a rainwater catchment and water storage system at an orphanage in a relatively remote part of Jamaica. ​The project was completed successfully, and the children no longer have to drink the poor quality water they had been using.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.


The following is a conclusion report from Roseanne:


The rainwater catchment project at Sister Jackie’s House of Love has been completed and the community is very

happy to have filtered rainwater.  With the recent heavy rains the tank is already full! 


There were a few adjustments that had to be made in order to complete the project.  The water tank would not fit in the planned location due to height of the tank.  We had to relocate the tank to other side of the building.  This required some repair of zinc on the roof.  The roof has now been repaired, the tank has been connected to the guttering and the filter has been installed. Sol Adventurers donated the additional funds to complete the project.


The youth at Sister Jackie’s House of Love now have filtered rainwater to clean with and drink.  Thank you so much to Water Charity and Sol Adventurers Foundation for helping to make this possible. 


​Roseanne has also worked for Water Charity in other capacities and has been of invaluable service to a great many projects.  We honor and thank her.  One Love Rosey! And, bless up Sister Jackie!