Conclusion of Gjimnaz Ramiz Aranitasi Water and Bathroom Project – Albania

This project has been finished under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Alayna Cote. The project was designed to provide water to and upgrade the bathroom of the school.

To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

 Alayna reports:

The physical aspects of the water project for Gjimnazi Ramiz Aranitasi were completed successfully. Six bathroom stalls were renovated, four in the girls’ bathroom and two in the boys’ bathroom. The plumbing work brought access to flowing water for each stall and for the possibility of flushing the toilets. We also replaced a broken sink, purchased new locks for the doors of the bathroom stalls, purchased hand soap, trash cans for each stall, and painted the walls blue.

The educational aspects of the water project included a lesson and discussion on the importance of hand washing and respect for school property. This discussion happened in each class in collaboration with the teachers of the high school. This discussion also incorporated the signature of each student onto a poster that listed 3 bathroom rules. Their signature was to signify their agreement with the bathroom rules. The posters were then placed outside of the entrances of each bathroom.

Alayna further reported that, after the renovation, and prior to the completion of her Peace Corps service, she was disappointed that the school was not adequately performing its responsibilities for monitoring the conditions in the bathroom and providing the necessary maintenance.

We are grateful to Alayna for her completion of this project, despite the difficult circumstances.