Conclusion of Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase 3 – Guatemala

This project has been completed under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Carolyn Daly, working with Mil Milagros. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to install 50 Sawyer filters in the homes of “mother leaders” in three communities.

Carolyn reports:

Scope of the project
The Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase Three provided 50 Sawyer filters to mother leaders and their families in three Mil Milagros (MM) partner communities. The filters will benefit 300 family members.

Specific work done
Filters were given to each mother leader in three partner communities to be used in their homes with their children. The communities were Los Planes Chuchexic, Santa Lucia Utatlan; Nuevo Progreso, Santa Lucia Utatlan; and San Juanerita, San Juan la Laguna.

Progression of project
MM staff members trained the mother leaders in the setup and maintenance of the filters as well as expectations for continued use. After setting up one filter, the staff then supervised mother leaders in the installation of the rest of the filters and taught them how to clean the filters as well. The mother leaders then took responsibility for the maintenance and use of filters daily. MM staff has planned home visits throughout 2017 to monitor the use and proper maintenance of filters.

End result of project
MM staff members surveyed mothers to find out how many of them drank purified water in their homes. Of 50 mothers, only 8 mothers drank purified water in their homes on a regular basis, and they needed to boil the water in order to purify it, resulting in a high cost to the mothers as they use stoves powered by firewood. Now, all 50 mothers are drinking purified water in their homes as are their children and families.

One mother told us, “This will help my family so much because sometimes we don’t have enough firewood to boil water and we just drink [contaminated] water. Now that we have learned from Mil Milagros that the water can make us sick, I am so happy to have a filter so my family can stay healthy.”

We are grateful to Carolyn for completing another important project in partnership with Water Charity. We again express our thanks to Michael and Carla Boyle for providing the funds to make this project possible.