Conclusion of Palencia and Suchitepéquez Water Filter Project – Guatemala

This project has been completed under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Claire Mocha, working with Feed the Children in Guatemala. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was designed to distribute 50 Sawyer filters in 10 different high-need rural communities.  In the end, we helped 11!

Claire reports:

Water Charity, in partnership with Feed the Children, Inc. (FtC), managed to help schools and community feeding centers in 11 communities in the departments of Palencia, Guatemala and Suchitepéquez, Guatemala providing access to clean filtered water for drinking and food preparation, as well as education and training around the importance of clean water and the proper use and maintenance of the filters.

The first phase of the project was education and capacity building. FtC staff worked with mothers from each community to identify a water committee and train the members on the use of the filters. The water committees carried out educational activities in the schools to emphasize the importance of drinking clean water to the children.

The second phase of the project was the delivery, installation and demonstration of the filters in feeding centers and schools. Filters were allocated by the size of the population to be served in each area. They have been functional for over a year and are greatly appreciated by the community members. The mothers in charge of preparing school snacks and meals for the children are especially grateful, as before having the filters they would in some cases serve water retrieved from open sources or nearby rivers and streams.

Beneficiary communities (feeding centers and primary schools):

• Volcancito
• Triunfo
• Joyas
• Tecomates
• Chorritos
• Anonos
• Bejucalito
• Marillanos
• Patanatíc (Sololá)
• Esfuerzo (Suchitepéquez)
• Veracruz (Suchitepéquez)

Here are some comments from members of the Community:

“Gracias a Dios y a la donación de filtros, podemos aprovechar agua de lluvia y filtrarlo lo cual es más económico y es más seguro el agua.”
Thank God and to the donation of water filters, we are able to use rainwater and filter it, which is more economical and safer.” – Mother from Los Chorritos, Palencia

“Esto es una Ayuda de gran Apoyo para Los niños quienes son vulnerables a enfermarse debido a los parásitos en el agua no filtrado.”
This is such a great help for the children who are vulnerable to illness due to parasites in unfiltered water. –Mother from El Volcancito, Palencia

We extend our thanks to Claire for completing this important project and again express our gratitude to Michael and Carla Boyle for providing the funding.