Malawi Borehole Training Program

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

Two million people in Malawi don’t have access to safe water. Over 3,000 children die each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

The people of Malawi have an urgent need for local sources of safe water. This can only be met by a plan to develop the required infrastructure.

The construction of boreholes has proven to be the best remedy to provide for the water needs of the people. However, there does not exist sufficient capacity in Malawi to quickly and effectively implement the needed projects over the entire country.

There is a shortage of drilling companies, trained workers, and equipment needed to have a widespread impact.

 This project is to develop and build the capacity of local contractors to proceed with drilling at a swift pace in all areas of Malawi.

Water Charity and Village X created a model to work with local leaders and water committees, assess the local needs, plan specific borehole projects, drill the boreholes and install the necessary hardware and above-ground improvements, evaluate the results and maintain and repair the well and pump.

The model was implemented as the Malawi Borehole Program in early 2015, and since that time 5 new community-led boreholes have been built.

All of the boreholes were drilled in the Upper Shire Highlands of Southern Malawi (see green circle). Village X is tracking and reporting the impacts of the boreholes and providing live picture project updates.

Water Charity and Village X are proceeding with the program by drilling several more boreholes in the Southern Region, under the direction of Village X Country Representative Myson Jambo.

Program Description
This program is to expand the Malawi Borehole Program to the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi. This entails hiring and training a Village X Country Representatives for each of two new regions, the Central Region and Northern Region, under the direction of the Southern Region Representative.

This is a program of training and capacity building in the new Regions, based on the successful model developed during the implementation in the Southern Region. The result will be a strong network of trained and skilled drilling companies and personnel spanning the entire country. It will provide a continuous flow of drilling projects in areas of great need, and improve the infrastructure of the country.

The program will be implemented under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Buckler, CEO of Village X.

This is a sub-program of the Malawi Borehole Program and the East Africa Water and Sanitation Program.

While this program is currently fully funded, we encourage you to donate to the above umbrella programs, so that we can continue to do this kind of work.


2016 — The Malawi Borehole Program looks to scale!

Our man on the ground Myson has identified 23 new water projects spanning Malawi. Geographical breakdown: 9 in the south, 7 in the central, and 7 in the north. Selections are based on meetings and phone calls with health centers, traditional authorities (chiefs), and district water departments. Myson confirmed that each proposed site is located in a high-poverty area with a high waterborne illness rate and a lack of existing clean water sources. Of the 23 villages identified, 8 have already started raising money.

Here are the villages: