Conclusion of Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase 2 – Guatemala

This project has been completed under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Carolyn Daly. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to install 41 Sawyer filters in three partner communities at the homes of the volunteer mother leaders.

Carolyn reports:

Scope of the project
The Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase Two provided 41 Sawyer filters to mother leaders and their families in three Mil Milagros (MM) partner communities. The filters are now delivering safe water for 240 family members.

Specific work done
Filters were given to each mother leader in the three partner communities to be installed in their homes and used by their families. They were instructed and assisted in the installations, and taught about maintenance, health, and hygiene.

Progression of project
MM staff members trained the mother leaders in the setup and maintenance of the filters as well as expectations for continued use. After setting up one filter, the staff then supervised mother leaders in the installation of the rest of the filters and taught them how to clean the filters as well. The mother leaders then took responsibility for the maintenance and use of filters daily. MM staff continues to conduct regular visits to ensure proper use and care as well.

As a part of the endeavor, the Water Charity donors who had purchased the filters for the project traveled to Guatemala to assist in the installations. Lenora Hunter, and her son Aidan, worked with recipients to demonstrate the attachment of the faucets, tubes, and filters and help in setting them up.

Young Aidan, and his brother Zach, founded and run Aztech Labs, a nonprofit dedicated to providing clean water for those in need.

End result of project
Since the installation of the filters in the school kitchens and classrooms (through a prior project with Water Charity), the mothers have seen the children embrace the habit of drinking water instead of sugary drinks. The mothers had asked us if it were possible to provide filters to the families, since the children, having been introduced to clean water at school, were asking for water at home.

After receiving her filter, a mother from Nuevo Progreso told us, “Now our children will be able to drink (clean) water at school and at home. Thank you so much!”

We are grateful to Carolyn for completing another important project in partnership with Water Charity. We again express our thanks to Aztech Labs for providing the funds and helping with the installations.

Conclusion of Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase 2 – GuatemalaConclusion of Sololá Water Filter Project, Phase 2 – Guatemala