Conclusion of Payton’s Water Catchment Project in El Salvador

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Platform Construction Los Mangos ClinicThis project was successfully carried out, on schedule and within budget, under the direction of Payton Phillips Garcia and Jeff Gould.

The project enjoyed the total support of the community, clinic staff, and all levels of government. It began with an approval of the design by the local Director of Health and a commitment from the Administrator of the project and the Clinic Doctor.

In cooperation with the Mayor of Ciudad Arce, plans to provide a rainwater collection system, construct an elevated concrete platform, install piping and a collection tank, and repair and hook up the toilets and sinks, proceeded to become a reality.

Various supplies, including steel, cement, wire, and sand were provided by the municipality.

The water tank and rain gutters were delivered to the clinic. The platform for the tank was constructed and the tank was lifted up to and secured on the platform. Rain gutters were secured to the building and connected to the tank. Finally, the pipe was run from the tank, through the wall of the clinic to the fixtures within.

Then they waited for the next rain to check the operation of the system, and assure that there were no leaks. Everything worked perfectly!

According to Jeff:

Rainwater Catchment System El Salvador

This ended up being a model project in simplicity. During the six-month rainy season, the tank is filled automatically with rain water and in the six-month dry season, the tank can be filled from the street by water truck vendors.

The community will enjoy this service for 30 years with minimum maintenance. That’s what I call eloquent! Thanks again to Water Charity. You have made a lasting positive effect on our Pueblo.

This project succeeded in making available a continuing supply of filtered water, suitable for drinking and sanitation, to the community health clinic. We offer our thanks to Payton and Jeff for their unselfish contribution of time and energy to carry out this project.
We again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for their generosity in funding this project.