Conclusion of Kopsht #3 Kindergarten Toilet & Water Project – Albania

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteers Graham and Teresa Anderson.
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Super cute kids playing with new sinkGraham reports:
In the city of Fier, in Albania, the local municipality is responsible for
the maintenance of public buildings, specifically schools. The state of
Fier’s finances, like those of all municipalities in Albania, is such that
they barely have revenues for basic community necessities (garbage
collection, street lighting, etc.) and so maintenance on schools has long
been deferred.

The condition of the toilets in Fier schools is very poor and
unhygienic but there is no money to fix the problem. One school, a
kindergarten called Kopshti #3 has a group of concerned parents and a school
director who wanted to fix this. They convinced a community spirited
plumber, Fredi Topi, to donate his labor for free while we used the PCPP
process to secure funding from Water Charity to provide the materials.
All of this came together over a 3-day weekend in May, 2015 when 9 toilets, 8
wash basins and 4 hot water systems were installed at the school.

Goals Achieved

The main goal was to install four hot water systems, connect these with the
cold water systems and provide hot and cold water to 8 existing hand basins
in the toilets. Additionally, all of the toilet stalls needed running water
and a cistern to flush the toilet. All of this was accomplished through the
New WC facilitiesproject.

As the work progressed, the school director identified that some of
the hand basins would benefit from a shower attachment to the mixer taps
(for the “hosing down” of young children after “accidents”) and this
adjustment was made. The director further called upon the good nature of the
plumber to fix water damage to the bottom of the toilet doors and some
broken tiles in the floor as part of his community contribution.

Capacity and Skills Built

After the plumbing work was completed, we trained all of the children at the
school about washing hands and hygiene. We now have a school full of
children who know how to use a bathroom correctly and this school is a role
model for all schools in Fier to follow.

It is hoped that the local
municipality will work together with Peace Corps to replicate this project
in other schools. They have the skilled professionals on staff, they just
need to be assigned to the remaining schools in Fier for their toilets to be


Kopshti #3 is fixed and the parents are committed to providing their
contribution of toilet supplies. This will continue into the future.

Additionally, the role model that Kopshti #3 provides for the city of Fier
gives us every chance of making a difference to all the schools in Fier. A
long-term partnership with Water Charity will also open this opportunity up
to every community in Albania.

Unexpected events and recommendationsNew WC FACILITIES
We expected that Fredi Topi had all the expertise he needed to do his work.
It turned out that some electrical work needed to be done in parallel for
the installation of the hot water heaters. We were able to engage the
municipality professionals to provide skilled electricians and minimal
electrical supplies to complement the plumbing work and add to the community
contribution of the project.

Lessons learned

Clearly you cannot assume you have all the skills and materials lined up and
need to have a fall back plan if, for example, you need an electrician when
you didn’t plan for it. Similarly, when you have a committed and involved
school director who is on site during the work, expect them to make running
modifications to the plan as they learn what is possible from the

Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association would like to thank the Andersons once again for executing such a fine project.  This is an example of a “Let Girls Learn” project before the LGL program came online.

Conclusion of Kopsht #3 Kindergarten Toilet & Water Project - Albania