Conclusion of Emmanuel School Water and Sanitation Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Raymond Orenda, Co-Founder, Organic Food Kenya (OFOK). To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was designed to construct a latrine and rainwater catchment and storage system at the school.

 Raymond reports:

Emmanuel OVC School water, sanitation and hygiene project aims to serve 80 pupils, teaching staff and the surrounding community with clean, safe drinking water, and a clean and hygienic latrine.

– Construction of a one six- door pit latrine, dug by the school management and the community members.
– Supply of water to the school.
– Installation of a water tank of 3,000-liter capacity for rainwater harvesting.
– Provision of hand washing facilities, with a 500-liter water tank, with a tap and soap.
– Provision of sufficient sanitary towels for the 38 girls at Emmanuel OVC School.
– Training the stakeholders on the benefits of preserving environment.
– Training the committee and school management to ensure that cleanliness is maintained, and monitor sanitation practices.
– Technical designs and drawings to guide construction, water tank system installation.

– Sufficient, secure and clean latrine for pupils, teaching staff and community.
– Availing clean water supply to the entire Kodera Kamiyawa Village and its environs.
– Reduced time wasted in fetching the basic commodity, water, by both the pupils and the community members.
– Good standard of hygiene which reduces disease.
– Better school attendance for both girls and boys. Both pupils and staff are motivated when there is clean and conducive environment.
– Improved Quality of health and wellbeing for pupils and the community members in the target areas.

4. Evaluation
After completion, it was determined that the following results had been effectively achieved:

– Clean drinking water for pupils and school staff and surrounding community members.
– Clean and environmentally friendly pit latrine for the EMMANUEL OVC SCHOOL pupils, staff and surrounding community members.
– Enough sanitary towels for 38 girls at Emmanuel OVC school.

We extend our thanks to Raymond and the team for completing this important project.