Conclusion of Call to Nature Permaculture Tree Planting Project – Ghana

Conclusion of Call to Nature Permaculture Tree Planting Project – Ghana

This project has been finished under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Michael McGaskey and Solomon Amuzu, Founder and Director of Call to Nature Permaculture (CTNP). The project was designed to plant and maintain 20,000 trees in two areas of Ghana, and to build the capacity of CTNP to continue its environmental work. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

  Michael and Solomon report as follows:

Call to Nature Permaculture Ghana received support from Water Charity to assist in their 20,000-tree planting project in Ghana. The funds have allowed CTNP to purchase a second-hand truck, water tank, and hose. This will provide water to the trees when needed, mostly during the dry season.

In all, there have been 17,220 trees planted thus far, covering 50 km of road.

Trees were planted along roadside stretches measuring 25 km each from Oyibi- Legon, and Adaeso -Nsawam. This project has been successful through collaborations with various schools and community members. Here are names of the schools that participated and a number of trees planted:

  • Kankonuru Methodist: (planted 1,600 trees)
  • De- Best International (planted 2,200 trees)
  • Gyankamah Basic School (planted 3,030 trees)
  • Osbin International School (planted 780 trees)
  • Oyarifa Methodist Basic School (planted 1,100 trees)
  • Sunshine Academy (planted 660 trees)
  • Oyibi Presby School (planted 2,000 trees)
  • Agyemente L/A J.S.S (planted 2,660 trees)
  • Ayim L/A Basic School (planted 3,210 trees)

In addition to the schools, 48 selected members from five 5 communities, as well as 4 staff from CTNP, participated. All these children and community members have been influenced to protect these trees, which will help the quality of air in these areas for years to come. Thousands will reap the benefits now, according to Ghana’s persons-per-square-mile statistics.

Call to Nature Permaculture has continued to plant the remaining 2,780 trees through their climate change school tour on the topic “TREES FOR CLIMATE”, where 100 tree seedlings were donated to each school to be planted on the compound.

The trees are currently being monitored by selected community members, school leaders, and the CTNP team. Everything will be handed over to the various communities and schools in September of 2017. To conclude, we say a very big Thank You to Water Charity and all the schools that made this possible.

Water Charity, in turn, extends its gratitude to Michael and Solomon for their rapid implementation of the project, the engagement of the entire community, and the outstanding results.

The project has demonstrated the effectiveness of building the capacity of an inspired and effective NGO. It also has shown that the motivation of a community can make a significant impact on environmental problems in an urban environment.