Conclusion of Comedor Popular and Vaso de Leche Water and Bathroom Project – Peru

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Katherine Hanson. The project was designed to provide running water too, and construct a functioning bathroom for, the facility housing two important community programs. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Katherine reports:

After meeting with the board members of the Vaso de Leche about the proposed project of providing running water (by installing a water tank and an electrical pump with pipes) and constructing a functional bathroom, they also expressed interest in constructing a working sink in the kitchen area in order to wash dishes and maintain the hygiene of the chefs, so that was added.

Construction began in the first week October, and continued for three weeks until all systems were installed. In total the following structures were constructed/ installed:

– Constructed a 3-meter wooden platform to serve as a water tower

– Installed a 600-liter water tank and connected the appropriate piping to connect the pump and tank to the municipal water system and to the toilet and sink.

– Constructed a bathroom (2m x 3m) containing a toilet and sink using drywall and cement

– Constructed a large kitchen sink and connected it to the water tower and municipal system

The inauguration of the newly installed systems was held with 25 community members in attendance. The members were excited to have running water for the first time and be able to provide bathroom facilities to the community at large.

In addition, three classes were held on proper hygiene practices and monthly visits were scheduled by the municipality to monitor and maintain the system.

Overall, this project ran very smoothly and all implementation and construction was completed on time and within budget. With the municipality’s commitment to the maintenance of the system, it is hopeful that system will continue to provide fresh water for years and years to come.

We are grateful to Katherine for completing this excellent project, and to Michael and Carla Boyle for providing the funding.