Conclusion of Bormase Basic School Water Catchment Project – Ghana

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Joseph Stein. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to install a rainwater catchment system and 3 handwashing stations at the school.

Joseph reports:

The project was a success. We were able to provide the local primary school with a rainwater catchment system consisting of a 400-gallon (1,500 liter) storage tank and a gutter system.

The tank with the faucet was purchased locally and transported by community members to the site. They then constructed a platform of bricks and cement and installed the tank.

Gutters were installed on the edge of the roof. PVC piping was used to connect the gutters to the tank.

In the past, the school had attempted to grow tomatoes, ginger, ground nuts, and okra, and began a small mushroom cropping house. The produce was utilized by the school, with some crops used to supplement the children’s daily meal while some others, namely the sweet potato, were sold. Success was limited by a lack of a reliable water supply.

Currently, we have moringa, sweet potato, and oil palm planted on the school’s land. The system now provides the necessary water to ensure the success of the community farm.

In addition to supporting the school farm, the polytank has provided a convenient source of clean water for students, staff, and visitors.

We had the local water and sanitation officer come and advise us on how best to clean the roof and gutters which will catch the rainwater, and how to cover the mouth of the polytank with mosquito netting to prevent any debris from falling in or mosquitos from breeding inside.

An effective system of handwashing stations remains to be implemented. After their installation, they were not well maintained. We determined that this was due to inadequate training of the children and teachers.

I will continue the training in the coming semester, and the volunteer replacing me in December will also hopefully continue the work.

The project has had the benefit of motivating parents and teachers to support the school. It will hopefully provide the stimulus for future development projects.

We are grateful to Joseph for completing this important project, and again extend our thanks to the donors who have contributed to date.