Conclusion of Zall Shoshaj School Bathroom Project – Albania

This project, to provide a water source for and rebuild the two-toilet bathroom at the school. has been completed under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Barbara Richardson. This was part of our 100 Water Projects Program – Albania, as well as our larger Let Girls Learn Initiative – Worldwide.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Barbara reports:

The Zall Shashaj School Bathroom project was finished early October, 2016. I met with the teachers and students to discuss the bathroom and talk about the importance of good hygiene. A group of 4 students, three girls and one boy participated in a hand washing session, whereby we, using soap and water, thoroughly washed our hands.

In addition, the contractor trained the 3 teachers on how to properly work the new water deposit to avoid wasting water during non-school hours.

The initial project was approved for $157,600 Lek, however, due to conversion rate changes from Dollar to Lek the amount received was 152,533.80 Lek. The difference 5,066.20 was paid in kind by the Bashkia for the painting services.

The original objectives were met and the community is thrilled with these improvements to their school.

For the Bashkia and Contractor the capacity skills included, working with a funding organization and their requirements. As well as making necessary adjustments to the work and costs that differ from the original estimates, thus incurring additional costs.

The teachers were taught the mechanical process of operating the water tank and water conservation. They can transfer that knowledge to the students on a daily basis.

The children were taught hygiene and effective hand washing techniques. Having a functioning bathroom will promote better health overall for the students and teachers.

The sustainability of the project will be shown by the students and teachers caring for the new bathroom facility, addressing any issues, and having the Bashkia correct them.

We are grateful to Barbara for completing this important project.