Water Charity and Local Partners

The Approach Water Charity operates by forging partnerships with local organizations in the countries, cities, and communities in which we operate. Each situation we encounter is unique to the culture of the location and the needs of the people. We respect the knowledge of the community in determining the hierarchy of needs, and the best solutions for their problems. Local participation assures that the projects have support, and will be maintained into the future, as the local... + read more

Water Charity Articles

Here you will find articles relating to Water Charity, our thoughts and our work. We begin with an article that appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal, featuring our Director and President Dr. Jacqueline Chan. The article is entitled Studies Lead You to Water, But How Much to Drink?. We include for your reference an abstract of Dr. Chan's study which appeared in the American Journal of Epidemiology entitled Water, Other Fluids, and Fatal Coronary Heart Disease. We next... + read more

The Problem

Worldwide disease is one of the most important issues of our time. Every nation, and every person, has the obligation of addressing disease in an effort toward reducing the suffering of humanity. Water, sanitation and hygiene are all intimately related to the level of disease in developing countries, and thus must be given full attention in every broad charitable endeavor. Diseases related to water include those due to micro-organisms and chemicals in drinking water. Other diseases are... + read more


The technical solutions presently exist for the world to take immediate action to drastically improve the plight of people and communities that are without adequate water and sanitation. The ability to impact on the problem of lack of safe water supply is basically about money. With adequate funding, the problem can be resolved. There exist many organizations, profitmaking, nonprofit, and governmental alike, with the ability to have an effect on the problem. An organization can just... + read more

Article from the Wall Street Journal Featuring a Water Study by Dr. Chan

WALL STREET JOURNAL HEALTH JOURNAL By MELINDA BECK Studies Lead You to Water, But How Much to Drink? July 1, 2008; Page D1 Lately it's been in vogue to dismiss the advice to drink eight glasses of water a day as a "medical myth." Books and medical-journal articles have declared there's no scientific evidence for claims that "8 x 8" -- eight ounces of water, eight times a day -- can bring a wide range of benefits, from speeding weight loss to ridding the body of toxins,... + read more

Privacy Statement

WATER CHARITY PRIVACY STATEMENT Thank you for visiting Water Charity at (our "Site"). We appreciate the opportunity to interact with you on the Internet and are committed to protecting and safeguarding your privacy. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you about the types of information we might collect about you when you visit our Site, how we may use that information and whether we disclose that information to anyone. What Information We Collect... + read more


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