Urgent Challenge to Complete Katie’s Latrines

We previously reported on the urgency of the need to raise funds to complete Kate McKenna’s project to provide latrines for the entire community of Chuisac, Guatemala. The latest news is that all of the holes have been dug for all of the latrines in the community! This increases the urgency, to say the least. An extremely generous donor, Bruce Bain, has stepped up to the plate, and issued the following offer: He will match all donations, dollar for dollar! However, the donations must... + read more

Katie B's School Project

In this section, we present a project of Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Bovitz, serving in El Zapote, Guatemala. The project involves the completion of a new school with the installation of 8 handwashing stations and 4 latrines.
Katie M's Latrines - Program - Guatemala

Katie M's Latrines - Program - Guatemala

  In this section, we present a project of Peace Corps Volunteer Katie McKenna, serving in Chiusuc, Guatemala. The project was to build latrines for the entire town!  In all, 91 latrines were completed!
Progress Report on Katie M’s Latrines

Progress Report on Katie M’s Latrines - Guatemala

Katie reports that the first 20 latrines have been completed, and that holes have been dug for 20 more. That really puts the pressure on us to keep up, as we have told her that we won’t stop until the whole town has latrines. With your help, we can do this. Here is a note from one of our donors: “I am hoping to be able to keep fund raising and whenever I get enough money for a latrine I will send it. This money is being donated by the operating room staff and physicians at... + read more

Update on Katie B’s School Project

Katie is getting ready to complete her extended Peace Corps tour the end of April, and the she still needs to finish the handwashing stations and latrines for the school. The school will then be certified as a Safe School, under a program run by the Guatemalan government. Katie was getting so anxious to move things along, she actually started to buy the materials from the hardware store on credit! Yesterday, we gave a presentation before the Crestline-Lake Gregory Rotary Club, and they... + read more

Katie Bovitz, Volunteer in Paraje El Zapote

Katie Bovitz is a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Paraje El Zapote, Pachilip in the Municipality of Joyabaj, Department of Quiche, Guatemala. She is serving under a 9 month extension to her original Peace Corps commitment of two years. Katie will be leaving Guatemala in April, and asked if we could fund a last project she wanted to do before she left. After reviewing her proposal, we committed to the project, within her timetable. We told her to start acquiring the materials, as the funds... + read more

Progress on Lenny’s “Pilas” Project

This is a progress report on the “Pilas” project of Lenny Van Boven, Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Chicocox, Guatemala. You can read about this project HERE. During the planning stage, Lenny determined that it would be less expensive to purchase fabricated pilas than to build molds, purchase the materials, and pour them in place. Lenny planned the implementation as follows: The community participation will be in the form of transportation. They have already formed into two... + read more

Lenny’s “Pilas” Project - Guatemala

Water Charity is pleased to have enabled a project in rural Guatemala to provide sinks for an entire community. The project, which will serve 86 people, was proposed by, and will be completed under the direction of, Lenny Van Boven, a Peace Corps Volunteer, living in Chicocox, Guatemala. Here is how Lenny describes the project: The project consists of providing 16 pilas, one per home, accounting for the population of Chicocox. Caserio Chicocox is part of the Aldea Xinacati, Municipio of... + read more

Ventilated Latrines for The Village Of Chuisac - Guatemala

We are proud to announce another exciting project by Water Charity. We feel strongly that this project exemplifies the way international assistance projects should be approached. While traveling in Guatemala, we had a fortuitous meeting with a Peace Corp volunteer, Katie McKenna. This energetic and enthusiastic young woman reinforced our commitment to follow a strategy of working closely with Peace Corps Volunteers in the field. We let her know that we would be interested in funding any water... + read more

Water Filtration in Guatemala

As a new member, it is interesting to me to see the fact that you are using the same filters as those used by Pure Water for the World. This fact indicates a good relationship. As a Rotarian, I am interested in the extent that you are cooperating with the Rotary Clubs in Guatemala. As you may know, The Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur is deeply involved with water filtration using another type of in-home filter. It occurs to me that some applications are better served using one type and other... + read more


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