Tufutafoe Composting Toilet Project - Western Samoa

Location Tufutafoe, Savaii Island, Western Samoa Community Description Tufutafoe is a remote rural village of 300 residents. Water consumption from current pour flush toilets is currently excessive, and groundwater is polluted from unsealed septic pits. Project Description This project involves the construction of a dry composting toilet at the community center of the village, and an educational program to teach the families of Tufutafoe and surrounding villages to construct their... + read more

Thiewal Lao Health Post Well Project - Senegal

Location Thiewal Lao, Senegal, located in the Kolda Region in southwest Senegal Community Description Thiewal Lao has a population of approximately 400 people. The survival of the vast majority of people is limited to subsistence farming of the land. The community suffers from periodic drought conditions which impact upon the heath and wellbeing of the population. Project Description This project is to dig and cement a well within a health facility compound. Project funds will... + read more

Jali Pump Project – The Gambia

Location Kiang Jali, The Gambia Community Description Jali is a medium sized village in The Gambia, with about 1800 people, located 25 km off the south bank road. It is a very motivated farming community. Nearly all women work in the rice fields during the rainy season while men have millet and peanut fields. Jali prides itself on its community interest. When a problem arises, everyone meets together at the village "bantaba"- a large wooden sitting area under a shade tree to... + read more

Waste Management Improvement Project - Benin

Location Benin Community Description Pollution from six surrounding communities currently enters the nearby lake. This must be alleviated to clean the lake which provides needed water for the communities. Project Description The project will augment awareness of the effects of lake pollution, motivate community members to reduce waste, and implement a plan to remediate the pollution and manage waste in the future. A 4-month clean-up competition will be established in each... + read more

Portland Cottage Water Tank Project - Jamaica

Location Portland Cottage, Jamaica Community Description Portland Cottage is a rural community of 5,000 people, located in the southern parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. The terrain is flat and the infrastructure is very poor. The people of the community rely on fishing, employment at the sugar factory, and other informal employment for meager pay. Most families struggle to survive to put food on the table. Housing is not always safe and some areas do not have running water or... + read more

Moringa Tree Project – Ghana

Location This project is being implemented in a rural farming community in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Community Description The main occupation of the community is farming. Because of the short rainy season there are severe problems of food shortage and malnutrition, resulting in high infant mortality. Project Description This project, administered by the Community Health and Planning Services (CHPS) Clinic, will implement an educational program for the mothers of the... + read more

Corozal School Project - Guatemala

Location Corozal Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Central America Community Description Corozal is a small rural village that is surrounded by tropical jungle. There is no electricity available, but the community does have a system of pipes that delivers water to about 50% of the houses and the school from a nearby spring. The community is seeking certification as a Healthy School by the Ministry of Education and Peace Corps, Guatemala. Project Description The project is to... + read more

Water Charity's Appropriate Projects Initiative

Our Appropriate Projects initiative enables instant deployment of resources to do small but critical water and sanitation projects. Check out the right column of this page for a list of projects that have been implemented to date in 60 countries around the world. While continuing with our successful model of developing and carrying out projects of all sizes, we realize that there is a great need to do some projects without delay. Appropriate Projects cuts the process down to its bare... + read more

San Pedro Nonualco Medical Clinic Project – El Salvador

Location Municipality of San Pedro Nonualco, Department of La Paz, El Salvador, Central America Community Description This project will be done in the main town of the municipality, San Pedro Nonualco. The town is nestled in the skirt of a dormant volcano. The main subsistence of the inhabitants is in coffee, basic grain, and orange/fruit production. The municipality consists of the main town and six communities that surround it from the heights of the volcano down to the ridges... + read more

Kamsonga Health Center Pump Project – Malawi

Location Central Malawi, Southeast Africa Community Description This community in the central part of Malawi has a population of about 23,000 people. The Health Center, a part of the Malawi Ministry of Health, provides the population with outpatient care, maternity and delivery, well care to children under 5, family planning, and HIV testing and counseling. About 200 to 250 patients per day are seen at the clinic, and approximately 30 babies per month are delivered. Project... + read more


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