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Latin America & Caribbean Water & Sanitation Initiative

Latin American & Carribean Flags

Carnival! Latin America's Post Lent Party...Water Charity is pleased to announce our new Latin America & Caribbean Water & Sanitation Initiative.

Water Charity has always done a lot of work in South America, Central America and The Caribbean.  In fact, our very first project was in Guatemala!  As a kind of doubling down on our commitment to this rich region with a wide range of water & sanitation issues, we have ported over our successful model from East & West Africa to get more done by raising more funds.

The initiative was started with generous funding from the Paul Bechtner Foundation for use in the development of new projects in the designated regions.  This will allow us to expand the work we are doing in these countries, continuing to boost access to clean water and sanitation in a large and diverse collection of lands. We are happy to be able to ramp up our already successful efforts in Latin America and The Carribean.

Projects are being (and will be) implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and qualified and experienced local NGOs.  We will scale up successful programs and projects, like the Sierra Madre Program which has been helping village after village in the mountains of Chiapas straddling the border between Mexico & Guatemala.  We are also creating brand new projects as well as doing new things with old friends like this Orphanage Project in Jamaica.

To read about the projects as they are being rolled out, click on the links below.

Water Source in DRGetting Water by Mule

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